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Now a day’s life in a city becomes very busy and difficult. Everyone seems to be work day and night. People are busy all the day even they have no time left for themselves. They are busy in their jobs. Some of are busy in their studies. Women are busy in holding their house and working women are also busy in their jobs.


The daily routine is very tough. People have no time for each other in their routine schedule. The relation is no longer stronger because of lack of time for each others. In all days people were attach to each others. Neighbors also knew each other very well. But now a day’s neighbors even not know the names of their neighbors.


Tough routine also affect the health of people. They do not take care of themselves. Health is affected and they indulged in different diseases. The hyper job also effect the health like increase blood pressure and pulse rate etc.


The busyness of people also affects the youth upbringing. Because parents have no time to pay attention on their children. The mothers are also not paying attention, they are busy in their jobs or in their social life. The children behavior affected by this act of parents. Children become annoyed and doing misbehave even with their parents. They have no ethics in their lives.


People should be think of that and should have time for their health and their children. They should pay attention on their children. Mothers should teach their children how to behave and act with other and elders. It brings educated and well mannered youth. We should be think of that and should be ready to do that. 

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