Life in the Philippines

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Although the Philippines is considered a third world country, I will never give it up for any first world country.

Let's look at it this way, it is SIMPLICITY versus COMPLEX LIVING. Yes, the standards of living is a lot lower here than the more progressive countries. Per capita income is much lower by western standards. But this is the best place to spend your hard earned dollars, isn't it? 


Labor is very cheap and abundant. Foreigners get more value for their money. What they have in their countries, we do have here. We have several modern and progressive cities, business centers and ecozones, a lot of huge malls all over the country, good road network infrastructures, mass transportation and digitalized and satellite fed telecommunication systems, high rise buildings and commercial centers, exotic and beautiful beach resorts, theme parks and tourist destinations known the world over.   

With the latest information technology systems in place, the Philippines is linked-up to the four corners of the world. We keep pace with the latest news, business and world trends. We also boast of a high literacy rate having the oldest and the most schools, colleges and universities in all of Asia. 

Being an English speaking country, we do not have a communication gap with foreign investors or tourists. People are very hospitable, cheerful and friendly. To attract tourists, some of our asian neighbors enjoy bad-mouthing us to boost their tourism programs.

Bad traffic in metro Manila? That's temporary. Several major elevated road projects are currently on-going (that's a sign of progress). Bangkok had a far worst traffic problem before they were able to put their road projects in place.

New airports are soon to rise as well. I have worked with the Philippine Aviation Industry for quite a while. And aviation for me is  the best barometer of an upsurge economy. More aircraft imports equate to a good and booming economy. While aircraft exports mean a downtrend in the economy. 

Today, I see a resurgence of brand new airliners and corporate jet aircraft being imported into the country over the last five (5) years. We have a growing fleet of the latest Airbus jumbo jets, GulfstreamCessnaBeechcraftHawkerBombardier and Falcon corporate aircraft to name a few. And a lot of helicopters too.

Gee, I think I've said too much. Our Secretary of Tourism might read this blog and I may get hired. Who knows? Just wistful thinking guys!


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