"Life is action, Not contemplation"

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The dawn of humanity is traced back to the deserts of the Holy land.From then up-till now the business of life is going on in different shades of existence.The span from the opening of eyes for the first time till the closing of eyes till the day of judgement is termed as life.As far as contemplation is concerned it is the pondering faculty of the blessed creation whereas action involves the pragmatic application of that contemplation. When Goethe, the positive genius of the nineteenth century,said "Life is action, not contemplation" by contemplation he meant sterile brooding and not that forward-looking and fruitful contemplation,which was the motive force behind all his own achievements. Iqbal`s "Piyam-i-Mashriq" is in response to the message of Goethe in poetry.When,therefore,Goethe,prefers a life of action to a life of contemplation he merely puts on record the inward bent and temper of modern mind.

The greatest religious teachers and the philosophers of the world have always enjoined a life of action and service, condemning flight fro the world or retirement in seclusion and self-isolation.Islam is the complete code of life.a highly significant verse of the Quean says:"The believers are those who believe in Allah and HIS messengers and afterwards doubt not,but strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah.Such are the sincere".so,we realize that Islam only discourages that type of negative contemplation which preaches pessimism and leads us to turn our back upon the world and active life.But Quran is not opposed to a progressive and constructive type of contemplation which is the corner-stone of faith in Allah and His messengers.Thus Islam condemns asceticism but upholds the dynamic type of reflection and prayfulness which pave the way to a life of fruitful action,for so no action by the right type can be performed without an unshakable faith in God and His Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Iqbal is the greatest exponent of Islamic ideals in recent times.He upholds the harmonious blend of progressive contemplation and action leading to the perfection of human personality. The whole of his poetic message is directed to the attainment of this great end i.e. the sublimation of human character through self-realization and purposeful action.

In a life of action the mind enlarges and the spirit abounds.The universe, tiny part of which we inhabit, is a perfectly disciplined universe.The harmonious existence of countries,heavenly bodies,the motion of planets,the coming of day and night on earth are well-disciplined.The result is peace and harmony.It means that if we,the dwellers of earth ,desire peace and harmony in our lives we must systematize our lives in action.This is the only way by which we can adjust ourselves and universe.Detached from actions acquaint the human bosom with eternal bliss.

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