Life Is One Precious Gift, Embrace It As One

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Life is not about things you want, but about things you have. It's about survival. You might be having problems but who doesn't? You might be in crisis but there are others in worst situations than you. What matters is how you treat your problems, and how you get along with yourself. we all spend hours in "wishing" and "dreaming" about things that are near impossible to happen in our lives. We are so busy in WANTING that we have forgotten to APPRECIATE. We have given up on being content. 

Love, Money, Fame  or youth, everyone of us is desiring something to an unimaginable extent. We have all become greedy for different things. I don't see this being a human trait. Reading the history, esp of my Ummah, my own generation has disappointed me the most for we're probably the worst of Muslims. We rarely Thank our Allah for this beautiful and amazing gift called life. And only a few of us are on the right path doing everything moderately and by all right means. While the rest of us are materialistic we don't even love if we don't get it back. Everything has become a deal, a trade. May Allah protect us all from being among those who are ungrateful. May this life and everything we do in it be the reason of blessings for us in the hereafter. Amen


Keep smiling Stay blessed and Good Luck :)

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