Life is too short, World is too Big

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Life is to short to chase people, people can be under the same roof with you and you still won't be able to catch them, so stop.

The world is too big chase your dreams, go where ever they take you follow the path that leads you to where you want to stand in the future. Even if you don't get exactly what you want, you can always have a marvelous journey out of it.

Life is too short to cry about what others do to you, so Stop and think about what you've done and are doing to others. The best of pointing out your own mistakes is, you can always improve if you see a problem.

The world is too big, why notice others' imperfections when you have too many perfections to accomplish. Travel or at least learn about this amazing planet you live in, i might sound foolish or crazy but whats wrong with loving your home. 

Life is too short to slow poison yourself w/ junks and drugs,

The world is too big having variety of natural food of all types, enjoy what nature has preserved through all these evolutionary years for you. I bet there are fruits and veges you haven't even known they exist in your own homeland, go out find them and try them :) make it a habit.Its healthy.

Life is too short to cry about what you lost, be happy about what you still have.

The world is too big to move on to other things and people, you lost love?....don't look for it, just know people so understand humans better. You see, like a science experiment.

P.S. this ain't a real blog it's more like what's on my mind but you're free to give it a read and think about what i just said.

Keep smiling, Good Luck, Stay Blessed. :)



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