Life Of A Farmer

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Life in Pakistani village,the houses,dresses,manners and customs of peoples are on the whole unchanged.Our farmer is generally a humble, simple villager who does not even know how to read and write.

Peolpe have no cause to mock him for he is an important man.Without him,we shall strave.The whole nation depends on the farmers for food.If farmers do not work, where would we get our bread,rice sugar,fruit,vegetables and milk?

Our farmers are pious and honest.The farmers know how to make the land bring forth good crops.He,therefore,he realize on his knowledge which he has inheritated from his forefathers.The farmers leads a very hard lifeand knos no leisure.

He get up before sunrise and take his way to fields.There,he starts ploughing,snowing,weeding,watering,or reaping.In summer his breakfast is brought to him by his wife or daughter.His middary meal,he takes under the shade of tree.

He then set to work till sun set.Evening Finds him back among Huqqa.Soon after it is dark,he is tired and goes to bed to rest for the night.His daily life changes according to the season.He has his hobbies,dogs,horses,parrots and pigeons are his favourite pets.he has health,though not wealthy.He has great respect for customs and traditions.He is a God-fearing man.Our farmers are hardwork.



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