Life of Koala

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Only Two Species in This World have Finger prints, one is Human beings and other is Koala.

Cute Little Koalas are also known as "Koala bears".
Scientific name of Koala is "Phascolarctos cinereus
Koalas are so beautiful animals and found in Australia

Classification and Taxonomic Position:


Classification and Taxonomic Position of Koala Bears are as follows

KINGDOM:    Animalia
PHYLUM:   Chordata
SUB-PHYLUM:   Vertebrata
CLASS:   Mammalia
ORDER:   Diprotodontia
FAMILY:   Phascolarctidae
GENUS:   Phascolarctos
SPECIES:   Cinereus

As they belong to Class Mammalia so they are called Koala bears . Koalas Belong to "Kangroos" because both are " Marsupial" animals. They also carry their Young one in a pouch like structure on their body after birth.

Body and Shape of Koala :

Koalas have Round and Fizzy Ears which looks cuddly but do nor worry they are not related to Bears. They have Furry body, a black nose and they are tail less.
The big Ear and Nose of Koalas are of great importance. Nose help them to detect smell of different leaves that they eat and ears help them in keen hearing and make socialize them with other animals.

Living Habitat :

Where Koala Live? Important Question.
They usually found on Eucalyptus trees. Why? because they sleep alot so there is danger of being killed if they live on ground. Its so Interesting that they do not always live on single tree but they make their habitat on number of trees that is called "Home Range"

Life of Koala :


In this Section we will discuss everything about Koalas.
Babies of Koalas are Called "Joeys" . They do not have hair on body and ears at time of birth but they get them as they grow further with time.

They are Generally Called "Lazy Bones" because they only Eat and sleep. The fact is that they can sleep upto 20 hours. So Much Lazy. As they Live on Eucalyptus tree, so they eat leaves of same tree that are leaves of Eucalyptus.

Do they drink water?
Water! oh no thanks. Koalas almost do not drink water because their need of water is fulfilled by leaves that the eat. So they do no panic to drink water. Lazy bones

The Most important thing and Noticeable thing is that Poison is not poison for them.
What? Yes this is very right. Poison does not effect Koala. They eat leaves of Eucalyptus which a poisonous to many animals but not for them. Their digestive system have special type of bacteria that help them to break down that toxic substances into non-toxic . So they are Toxicity proof animals.

They eat as there is no next day in Life. They can eat almost 2.5pound of leaves everyday. This is a big amount of eating as compared to their body size. They eat upto 600 varieties of Eucalyptus trees

Koala can Swim also and they are very good Swimmers. They Swim like a fish and may cross the river in case of Flood.

Koalas have hand and feets which are specially designed to hold the tree. They have two thumbs and sharp claws to get full grip. Their foot have two toes.

Some important facts of Koalas :

Some important key features of Koalas are as Follows,
1- They words Koala is derived from Aborigine word which means 'no water'.
2- Koalas have human like fingerprints.
3- They have scent glands which they use to mark their region and area.
4- They new born Koala 'Joey' is long only 2cm at time of birth.
5- Koalas have only 11 pairs of ribs while all other mammals have 13 pairs of ribs.

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