Life Smokers

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Today I am going to write a most common problem in our society that is smoking. A majority of people around us smokes. They smoke weeds, tobacco in form of cigar or cigarette and some of them also addict to pipe smoking. Question is why smoking is a bad habit answer is because it is bad for us as smoke damages our lungs and cause different type of cancers. It’s not only effect the smoker health and also affects the people near him.

There are different reasons for some to start smoking. Some of them start because of their parents or some relative as their elders smoke so they also start after them. Some of them start as fun. They start to show their friends that they can do this. Some of them start due to bad habit. They pick this bad habit from their society and bad company.


There is not any single benefit that a smoker can get from this bad habit. There is special element called nicotine that persuades the smoker on smoking. In real they are life smokers.


With a little guidance we can stop this bad habit. There is an international law that stops media from the advertisement of any contents relating to smoking. But we also have to aware people at individual level.

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