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Life is beautiful and charming but its not always easy. Life has also many problems and our challenge is to face those problems bravely . Life gives us hope, the courage to face problems, the tactics to deal people of different areas and different natures. Happiness, sadness, sorrow, victory, defeat and day- night all of these are the two sides of same coin. Similarly life is full of the moments of joy, fun , amusement, pleasure , success and comfort. At the same time there are sad moments, alone, sorrow and problems that make you miserable.


There would be no humen being who has every thing with him , victory , power, rich , at some point of time he had also face problems , struggle or failiures. Thats very good if we live our life happily and make each moment of our life a celeberation. But one should always be ready to face problems , adversity and challenges. And it is said that if a person has not faced challenges or adversities in his life then he can't be successful. We people think that difficulties are to pull us down while these difficulties are just to test our patience , courage, preservence and a true character that a man has. No one can achive success without facing hardships . So we can say that life is a bed which is full of roses and also has thorns in it and they should be accepted , because it is a part of our beautiful life.




''Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get but if you work really hard and you'll be kind then , Amazing things will happen''. 

Those who think that life is just a bed of rosses will soon be proven wrong and will face depression and frustration. One should face his problems with courage then he will definitly have happiness and contentment in is life. A person who thinks that moments of joy and fun last forever , become hopeless at the time of challenge. Because they are not ready for that challenge , in that case they give up easily. Those who know that life is full of beauty as well as problems , always become successful because they know the true meaning of life. They know how to live this life.

''Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strenght to endure a difficult one''.

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