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I always wonder sitting alone what is life how can we describe it. Some says that life is taking of air to the lungs and sees things with the eyes; some says it is the natural phenomena and some relates it with the time but when I see towards it…… I see the shore of unshed tears, sorrow, guilt, failure but it has also the orchids of love happiness, success, and joy it is the reality, hope, time, patience, enjoyment, faith, courage. It the way of living or the way we want to live  

Some can say life is the trick of mind and display of emotions. It is what we want to see when have hurdles and are sad life become dull for us. It is the way we think what we are. We are as weak as we fear the world, we are as old as we want to feel, as strong as we courage, as dull as we are sad

Some of us want to be at the bright side but there are many of us who lead the dark and miserable life they are those who are too weak to change it. They treat their life as the slot machine, putting a very little in it and hope to hit the jackpot. They spend their whole life finding their own self but do not dare to create their self  

Some of us live their life day by day without any special reason or special purpose. It is not the way of living. It a wasteful way to spend our life without a purpose. Life is also the name of spreading happiness and makes other happy. Have you ever notice the person who contribute in other lives and make them happy possessed how much happiness and inner peace. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Happiness is like a perfume; you cannot give it to others without getting a few drops on yourself."

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