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Life the best thing that happens to us. However, it does not stay the best thing for a long period, it starts getting worst as we grow up. It is not life's fault  it is the nature of life and it is totally on us how we take it and how we make it worst. It does not always get to worse, sometimes it gets better and better and that is also on us how we deal with it and how we take things that happen to us in this life. 

I never though my life is going to get this worst. I was the guy who never got up from the bed to switch the lights off, i'd call somebody to do that for me and here i am washing my own clothes, washing my own dishes and doing everything myself. I would feel why would God do this to me but it wasn't long that i started realizing that this is the best thing that could happen to me. I am learning so much, i am independent, i can do whatever i want at anytime i want. Not to forget the best thing that happened to me was i came to know that what i want to do in my life now. It gave me my goals, my targets and that was the time my life turned from worst to best. 

It happens to most of us and that is completely on us how we take it, the more you enjoy the bad things happening to you the more you learn from it the more you improvise the better your life become. We all need to know that this is going to happen, we are going to face problems we will come to a point when we would want to get rid of this life but that is not the end my friends that is a lesson for all of us. That is a stupid mathematic algebra problem that we need to solve and we keep trying but fail, but we are not going to fail if we keep trying, that problem has to be solved there is definitely a solution for it and that is what we need to find. So find solutions to your problems, face the problems and stay strong and have faith and never lose hope. 

May God bless us all and keep us healthy and safe.

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