Limping in Poker Means…

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A common term used in poker is “limping” into the pot. Limp-ins occur when the first person betting pre-flop checks and lets the other players call by checking. This almost always ensures that the pots don’t get very big, or shows other players that the person limping in doesn’t have much to go on.

That is why it is important to break the habit of limping in on the pot as early as possible. If you can break the habit of limping in on pots, then you will see a drastic improvement to your winning percentage.

Limping into a pot is a phrase created to show novice players that tipping your weakness early is never a good idea. Imagine that you are getting ready for a professional boxing match.

Also, imagine that your grand entrance into the ring is done on crutches. Tipping your hand like this in boxing could result in a loss, greater injury, or worse.

Your opponent would have free reign to pick apart your weakness without even seeing your game plan.


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