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I'm pretty sure each of us has our own favorite foreign artist and seeing them in flesh is a moment we would like to be etched on our minds forever. So for today, let me be a complete fangirl as I go back and reminisce the night I met LiSA, Japan's Pop Idol.

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LiSA's concert last June 27, 2015 in Manila, Philippines. Co-K, LiSA, Ms.Cherry and fans.


LiSA(LiVE is Smile Always) is one of the most sought-after Japanese singers of today. She began her singing career on an indie band she formed during high school that plays punk and rock music genre and later on found her luck as an anisong(anime song) singer. LiSA made her major debut last 2010 as the singing voice of a fictional character named Yui of the band Girls Dead Monster from the anime Angel Beats! A year after, she had her solo debut and continued singing songs for anime which helped her a lot in increasing her popularity. Her ability to sing pop and rock plus her cuteness, fashion, friendly approach to people and energetic performances on concerts surely captured and won the hearts of everyone instantly. A regular guest on anime song concerts within and outside Japan and is best-known for singing songs like Ichiban no Takaramono, Crossing Field, Oath Sign, Rally Go Round, Rising Hope and many more! This August, she is also set to release a single which contains the song Brave Freak Out to be used as an opening song for the anime Qualidea Code.


Long before, I was wishing for LiSA to hold a concert here in the Philippines. I really wanted to see her in person but I doubt that a LiSA concert would ever happen here because I can't tell if there are other Filipinos fans of LiSA other than me. Luckily, I've been following LiSA's Twitter for quite some time already that's why I wasn't left out of the very good news. I remember a week before the wonderful news, I replied to one of her tweets telling her to come to Philippines too. And it seems like God had granted my wish immediately!

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LiSA's announcement poster for her Philippine concert.

One night, I came across one of LiSA's tweets (and looking through tweets is one of my last activities before I sleep). I instantly knew that this was an announcement for a concert since the two photos included on her tweet were concert posters. I tapped on one photo and saw a Singapore poster, I swiped it to the next and voila! Manila! I was totally mind blown and unsure of what to feel! Like seriously? How did this happen? And of all the countries in the world, what made them choose Philippines? Despite these questions, of course, my inner self was jumping around and throwing confetti! Without second thoughts, I immediately sent a message to a friend who was then residing in Manila and told her to accompany me to the concert. (I would surely end up getting lost in Manila if I were to go alone to the concert venue.) It felt like the tunnel of hope opened with a light shining from within when she replied back with an "okay". I was super anxious and worried on traveling alone but I was generally very happy for my favorite foreign artist will be coming in our country soon! My mind couldn't just shut off that the feeling of excitement kept me awake until five in the morning!

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LiSA invites her Filipino fans to her concert in Manila.

I was able to get more information of her Manila concert through the official Facebook page of Japan Music Festival(JMF) by SOZO, one of the organizers and producers of the concert. LiSA's concert was held last June 27, 2015(Saturday) at Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier, Taguig City, Manila. Tickets were priced P2,998(Php) for the Premium Tier and P999(Php) for the Basic Tier. The Premium Tier gets you to sit at the lower level closer the stage which also includes a poster with LiSA's autograph while the Regular Tier gets you to sit on the upper level. They also reminded that doors will open at 5 P.M. and close at exactly 6 which is the start of concert. Anybody who arrives late will not be allowed to just come in the concert venue to avoid from distracting or disturbing the ongoing show. They also posted other important details such as the rules during and after the concert and a guide map to successfully achieve a well-organized concert. I also found out that most Filipino fans of LiSA were on Facebook.(Lol) I'm glad they were very persistent on sending messages to LiSA which convinced her to come to Philippines.

Tickets sales for LiSA's concert began last April 20, 2015 at SM Tickets, nine weeks before the concert. I was able to buy two premium tickets(for me and my friend) last May 18, 2015 when I went to SM City Baguio to watch The Last: Naruto the Movie. It was indeed killing two birds with one stone! I was able to watch a movie of my favorite anime and had bought tickets for my favorite singer's concert! You wouldn't know how extremely happy I was that finally I have the tickets in my hands! Of course I pleaded to get my mother's approval of allowing me to go to Manila before buying the tickets. Weeks passed and the date got near each day. I can't help but always imagine how much fun would that night be! Although the waiting wasn't that much exhausting because I was also busy making a gift for LiSA. (I asked JMF regarding the gifts and they said gifts are allowed but we can't give it directly to LiSA.) LiSA also posted three videos on her Facebook page five days before, four days before and her arrival in Manila(which I only knew after attending her concert. Sad life! Haha!)


June 27th came, the day I'm seeing LiSA! I woke up at three in the morning and hurriedly wrote a letter(an addition for my gift) which took me about an hour to finish. After that, I prepared my things and was able to ride a bus en route to Manila around 9 A.M. (Why did it took me almost five hours to prepare? LOL) In between those hours, I had felt a sudden fear which almost made me decide to abort my travel to Manila. But I told myself that I should go since I have planned this already way back two months. Thank God I was able to arrive safe at a bus station in Cubao where my friend and I will meet. I hope I didn't annoy the bus conductor for asking him four times whether the bus will surely make a stopover at their Cubao station. Well, as a first time solo traveler I need to be very sure, else, I'll get lost and that is not a very good experience especially that I'm in a rush to get to the concert venue.

I arrived at the station around 2:30 and waited for about 15 minutes for my friend to arrive. Before heading to SM Aura, we dropped by my friend's house and left my backpack. We took a few minutes of rest then went out and set our journey to Samsung Hall. For the first time, I was also able to ride in the Manila Metro Rail Transit(MRT) until Ayala where we rode a taxi straight to SM Aura. Moving on, we were able to ride a taxi a few minutes before 5 P.M. after several taxi declined to bring us to our destination because of heavy traffic. We arrived at the mall around 5:30 with just barely enough time to find Samsung Hall! Making our legs work with full strength, we hurriedly made our way up to the 6th floor and finally found Samsung Hall around 5:45 after several attempts of looking for its entrance. (Whew!)


The lobby was almost empty when we entered Samsung Hall. Still catching my breath, I immediately looked for the merchandise booth but everything was already sold out! It makes me sad not being able to get a LiSA shirt or button pins, but anyway, I headed next to the redemption booth where I claimed my prize. Yup! Although I wasn't able to get any merchandise, I have this special prize waiting just for me! My ticket number was chosen for the Japan Music Festival's early bird special bonus! Guess what my prize is?

A LiSA polaroid shot exclusively in Manila—with autograph!

(image source: top from; lower left and right by Katsanslimites; collage by Katsanslimites)
LiSA exclusive polaroid prizes!

There were actually 5 polaroid photos but one winner had already claimed his/her prize. And great job to my friend who stealthily took a photo while I was picking my prize. (Lol!) The lower right photo was the polaroid photo I got by the way. 

I wasn't expecting the photos to be autographed by LiSA because JMF never mentioned about it and the photos they posted a few hours before the concert were just clean and plain polaroids of LiSA. So it was a real surprise for me as I flipped the polaroid I've chosen. A staff also took a photo of us with my prize. (I wonder where they posted it since I can't find it on the JMF page.) Before heading inside, I asked one of the staff if where should I leave my gift for LiSA and the staff's reply made me scream in delight internally when she said that we can give our gifts to LiSA personally during the handing over of posters after the concert. So we happily went to the Lower Level Entrance where we presented our tickets and got our hand stamped. We were then escorted by a staff to our seats. I personally thought there were still very few people inside the venue because I couldn't hear any noise from the entrance except for LiSA's song playing but when we made our turn at the corner I was taken aback because the lower ground area was full-packed and I was very worried that we might be sitting somewhere at the backmost area and I wasn't wrong. We were given seats at the second to the last row. Anyway, upon seeing the stage, the first thing I noticed was LiSA's favorite pink frog stuffed toy Momoco and a mini Launcher bazooka along with some bottles of water on the table at the center of the stage. Five minutes before six, we went down to the lobby to buy whatever food there is because it was only then we realize we haven't taken our lunch yet! We ate our food real fast since we only have less than five minutes left.

Before I proceed to narrate the concert, let me share this video of My Hero Nation's interview with LiSA last June 26, 2015.

(video source:
Myrtle Sarrosa of My Hero Nation interviews LiSA a day before the concert.


The moment of truth! 6 P.M. came and I could really feel everyone's excitement as a few minutes or maybe seconds from that moment, the person we've been waiting to see will finally show up infront of us. Meanwhile, I also noticed that almost everyone had a light stick on their hand which made me really envious. If I only knew light sticks were allowed then I could've brought light sticks for me and my friend! The lights turned dim around 6:05 and we totally freaked out from excitement when we saw a shadow emerging from the side of the stage. When the lights turned bright again, it turns out that it was Ms.Cherry, the emcee for the concert. We thought it was already LiSA since she also has a short hair! (Oh well!)

Ms. Cherry cut our excitement for a moment as she greeted us and reminded us of the rules that taking photos and videos are strictly not allowed during and after the concert. After that, she said, "Are you excited? When I count to three, let's call for LiSA! One! Two! Three!" and we all shouted in unison, "LiSA!!!". The lights turned dim for the second time while the emcee leaves the stage. We were barely controlling ourselves and when the song "Crossing Field"(opening song of Sword Art Online) started to play with LiSA immediately popping out of the stage made the crowd explode in happiness. The once seated crowd started standing and pumping their light sticks in the air to the beat of the song. The first song sent our spirits really high as we sang along with her. Nevertheless, LiSA will never ever be wrong choosing Crossing Field as her opening song for a show since it's one of her mainstream songs especially for the anime fans. It was probably one of the songs everybody came for in this concert. 

LiSA wore her trademark combat boots and pink black fluffy skirt by which when reflected by light, the black part of her skirt sparkles a bit glittery gold. She was also wearing a cute coconut printed top with the word "MANILA" written on the chest area. Of course, her fashion wouldn't be complete without her accessories like her choker necklace and bracelet!

(image source:; collage by Katsanslimites)
LiSA sings to her Filipino fans for the first time!

Still not recovering from the first song, the next song started to play. I felt like screaming when I heard the next song was "Oath Sign", the opening song of the anime Fate/Zero. I didn't expect the crowd could even go wilder too. Oath Sign is another song which is as popular as Crossing Field and hearing these two songs being sang live back-to-back by LiSA made me feel extremely happy. I was crying out of happiness in my head as I watch her. She sang the song really well and much better than the recorded one! After the two songs LiSA took the time to formally start her concert. She introduced herself and greeted us with a high-pitched "Hello Manira!!!"(Hello Manila!!!), "Mabuhay!"(Cheers!), "Kumusta kayo lahat?"(How's everyone?" and she thanked everyone for coming by saying "Salamat!"(Thank you!). After which he called her mainstay guitarist Co-K on the stage. She said to the crowd, "He is Co-K, from Japan!" and we all chanted Co-K's name. We kept chanting her name and Co-K which seemed a bit awkward for me at first but soon enough got used to it as well. Well, it wouldn't feel that much awkward when everybody's doing it, right? 

After the short introduction, the concert proceeded with an acoustic song from Angel Beats!, Ichiban no Takaramano. From the first two high-energy songs, she tilted the venue's atmosphere 360 degrees with this dramatic song. We really felt the emotion of the song from the way LiSA sang and hearing it live gave me goosebumps. Everyone was silent as she sang and we gave her a warm round of applause after.

There was a short break after the song where LiSA talked to her guitarist. She asked, "Co-k, did you eat banana?" and Co-K stopped for a moment and leaned on the microphone and answered, "I ate...banana". Then we all chanted "BA-NA-NA!", repeating it several times. If you watch the first video in this post you'll know that LiSA loves Philippine banana and mango. Not only that! LiSA also loves those little yellow minions so much! And what does the minions love? Banana! She even immediately spotted a large banana pillow held by a fan on the crowd and happily screamed, "Banana!", pointing to the direction where the banana pillow is. She next noticed a minion toy being raised from the crowd and she shouted, "Minion!", pointing at it next. We were all laughing to LiSA's cute reactions. My friend was even forcing me to put out my gift and raise it too so that LiSA will notice us but I refused. (I was shy. I don't like getting attention! But I'll try to do it when she comes back here in the Philippines! Haha!) There was also one moment when we kept chanting Co-K's name while LiSA was on the stage. LiSA probably felt jealous and said, "No! LiSA! LiSA!" pointing at herself. As loyal fans, we immediately shifted to cheering LiSA instead. 

After the short break, she continued to her next song which is another special acoustic version of the Shirushi, the third ending song of the second season of Sword Art Online. This is another dramatic song with high falsetto and LiSA sang it really really good! Her voice is very angelic and would melt any person's heart. The last song she sang for the first half of her concert is BRiGHT FLiGHT, a happy upbeat song. I'm wasn't very familiar with this song because I haven't listened to all of her songs yet during that time. I am only very familiar with her anime songs but I know that she always sings BRiGHT FLiGHT on her international shows.


The next part was a question and answer portion which made everyone of us excited but when Ms.Cherry said that there were already questions prepared by some lucky fans, everyone got a bit sad. LiSA will have to pick out only five questions from a box and answer it (If only I came a bit earlier I could've written my own question too!). Upon picking a question, LiSA calls for the attention of the person who wrote the question before answering. Ms.Cherry turns out to be her translator too! This time we sat back to our seats which gave us chance to relax our feet and hands as well.

Please take note that the following questions you're about to read are not the exact words since I am just recalling it from my memory with the best of my ability.

Question #1 When they told you that you're having a concert in the Philippines, how did you feel?

She said that she was really worried that Filipinos might not know her and only few would come to her concert. She was actually really doubtful if she should push through with her Manila concert or not but seeing the people infront of her during that night proved her assumptions wrong. She said was very surprised that many Filipinos know about her and her songs and that made her very happy.

There was this very funny moment too just when some people reacted to her answer even before it was being translated to English by Ms.Cherry. This made LiSA confused so she asked the crowd, "Eh? Wakaru? Wakaru?"(Eh? You understood?). Then her next question really made me laugh, "You all Japanese?". She thought everyone on the crowd were Japanese or can understand the language and said that she was really surprised that most of the people on the crowd can understand what she was saying in Japanese.

Question #2 What did you enjoyed most about the Philippines? What Filipino foods do you like?

The very first food she said was "BANANA!" then "MANGO!". She said this foods excitedly with a very high-pitched voice while counting her fingers. She continued answering, "PORK! and (with a short pause) HALO-HALO!!!" with a really great emphasis on the word halo-halo. She said she also love the bamboo rice. She hardly explained the bamboo rice to Ms.Cherry and even acted it out. She's so cute!

Question #3 Among the songs you've sang for anime, which one is your favorite?

LiSA took awhile before giving an answer to this question. Then she spoke, "Rally Go Round". This song was the opening song of the second season of the anime Nisekoi which was currently ongoing during her visit in Manila. It was also a song from her latest single that time called "Rally Go Round". She also added that when it comes to the characters, her favorite anime is Nisekoi but when it comes to the story itself, she chooses Fate/Zero. I was very happy to hear that LiSA loves Fate/Zero since I also love the anime too! Her favorite character or servant from Fate/Zero is Rider because according to her, Rider is huge, appears to be very strong and can really protect you.

Going back to the anime Nisekoi, she was asked if which team was she on. Team Onodera or Team Chitoge? Her answer was Team Chitoge.

Question #4 What kind of guy do you like? Is there a possibility for you to date Filipino men?

This question really surprised LiSA(Probably she wasn't expecting this kind of question but you know Filipinos are always interested about their idol's love life. Lol!) because she went silent for awhile but the crowd especially the males were very excited to hear her answer. Before she began answering, she looked for the person who wrote the question and repeatedly called her name, "Erika! Erika! Erika!" while acting like she's going to attack the girl for putting her in a corner with such question. So to answer the question, she said the Filipino men are really kind but she likes a man similar to Woody, a character from Toy Story. According to her, Woody is very kind and can make everyone his friends and ally. Toy Story is also one of LiSA's favorite movie. (That was one great transition to divert the question, LiSA! Haha!)

Question #5 Who and what inspired you to sing?

Avril Lavigne. She said Avril can still be cute despite singing rock songs. She admired her for being cool and cute at the same time and so she decided she want to be just like the Punk Rock Princess. That's when she started to try singing.

The question and answer portion with LiSA was super fun especially with the accompanying drum roll each time she picks a question from the box Ms.Cherry was holding. She looked very cute when she lifts up the paper in the air and lifting one feet to the back to make a pose.  

(image source: &; collage by Katsanslimites)
LiSA amazes the crowd with her pop and rock songs and even teaching the fans some cute steps!

Now continuing with the second half of the concert, we stood again as she continued the show by singing "No More Time Machine", the second ending song from the second season of the anime Sword Art Online. I wasn't really familiar with this song too during that time but I enjoyed it as well. It was then followed by a very cute song entitled "Elect Lyrical" where LiSA taught us carefully the simple yet very cute dance steps of this song. She was again surprised that almost everybody already knew the steps. Everyone on the crowd danced along with LiSA as she sang the song. Even the shy ones like me were convinced to dance! Co-K also went out of the stage for a short while and ran around the stage and danced to the song! Her eighth song for that night was the song "Rally Go Round" from Nisekoi. The song was still new that time so I was again not very familiar with it but the song is very lively and we altogether clapped our hands to the beat of the song.

Everyone got sad when she said the next song will be the last song for the night but she easily turned the impending sadness of the crowd back to a happy energetic crowd when she told the title of her last song—"Rising Hope", the opening song of the anime "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei"(The Irregular at Magic High School).  This is a very energetic rock song which was also my current favorite that time. I love this song and was really glad that she made it her last song for her Manila concert. After the song, she said her thanks and left the stage.

We all sat on our seats and after some time I heard a few chanting "Encore" which spread like a wild fire. Even I, joined on shouting for an encore. Our voice became very loud and we didn't stop until LiSA was convinced to do an encore song. She went back to the stage and thanked everyone for requesting an encore. She called for Co-K and she sang an acoustic version of a song very familiar to everyone, "Crow Song"(a song by the group Girls Dead Monster from the anime Angel Beats!). I really love how we, the crowd, joined her in this song by singing the part of the backup vocals. I sang to my heart's content in this song like it was the last song of my life.

After the encore song, she again giving her thanks to the Filipinos when she was surprised by a staff going out the stage to give her a bouquet of flowers and familiar yellow box. She screamed in happiness when she peaked on the yellow box. It was a box full of minions! She said, "Waaa! Many minions!"(The minion toys were the Minion Happy Meal Set of the fast food chain McDonalds.) She thanked the staff and gave her a hug which made everyone from the crowd roar out of jealousy and enviousness to the very lucky staff! Of course, the Japanese singer wouldn't want her Filipino fans to feel sad and so she promised to come back in the Philippines soon and guess what? With her band Ramenz! Our lonely hearts was again filled with excitement from her wonderful news. Although the date of LiSA's return was still unknown, we're still happy because this means that that won't be the last time we'll be seeing LiSA in Manila! She then requested a group picture with everyone(see the very first photo of this post) which she traditionally do after her show. She instructed us to say words "Kyou mo ii hi da!"(Another great day!) and "Banana!" in replace of the usual "cheese!". After like five takes, she requested for another photo which she said she'll be posting on her Twitter account. She said, "One more! One more! For my Twitter! Twitter!" and everyone granted her request and posed again. Bidding her farewell, she said "Sa uulitin"(until next time) and "Mahal ko ang Manila!"(I love Manila!) and gave a flying kiss to each side and to the center of the stage.


Lisa left the stage and we sat back on our seats still trying to digest the wonderful night we just had experienced. A few minutes after, the staff reminded us to get ready for the last activity of the concert. The handling of posters by LiSA herself! I was so surprised and shocked that the staff chose to start with those at the back which means we'll get to receive the posters and meet LiSA first! And so we went down and lined up.

(image source:; collage by Katsanslimites)
Right photo was LiSA's outfit when she sang on stage while the left photo was her outfit during the distribution of posters.

I was around fifteenth in the line while my friend was next to me. My heart pounded and I felt nervous that I can't even properly construct words to say when I'm finally infront LiSA. The distribution of posters finally began and our line begin to move forward. As we turned a corner, I tried to bend to my side to peek infront to where LiSA's table was. I saw her handing out posters and again, I felt excitedly nervous. I can't believe that at any moment I'll be able to see her up close! I held the paper bag tight which contained my gifts while reminding myself to calm down and act normal. Even the staff told us to keep calm to prevent ourselves from fainting. (Lol!) So the time came for my turn! I walked forward infront of the table while LiSA was busy picking a poster. When she raised her head I immediately placed the paper bag on top of the table without saying a word and just smiled. I think my brains shrank at that very moment that all I could do was smile while staring at her eyes. She's more beautiful and cute up close! Anyway, I saw her face got a bit surprised when she saw the black paper bag. She peeked a little inside with one finger and said thank you before handing me a poster. I received it and slowly walked away wishing I could stay longer infront of her. As I was walking away from her table, I looked back and saw her peeking again on my gift. (My friend was then infront of LiSA waiting for her turn.) LiSA looked at me and asked, "Handmade?", I stopped and turned completely towards her and my very functional brain that moment took like two seconds before I was able to blurt out a word, "yes" while giving a bright smile. I turned my back and made my way to the exit. I thought everything was already over but then at the exit, a staff from Hero TV moved infront of me asking if she can interview me for awhile. I don't know what to do because I don't really want to get interviewed but my friend was already behind me and was pushing me slightly near the camera. (Why me! Haha!) I have no choice but to get interviewed! Anyway, I believe the interview with the fans wasn't shown on their program because I can't find it anywhere on the internet! Thank God!

(Before the concert, I also gave a Hello Kitty handmade doll to my friend which she held the entire concert. My friend told me LiSA kept staring at the doll when she was receiving her poster. Maybe LiSA was waiting for my friend to give it to her. Lol.)

After the interview, we went to the entrance area of Samsung Hall and had our pictures taken beside the sign stand of LiSA. We immediately left to eat our dinner but I didn't know LiSA still gave another goodbye after giving the posters.  


(image source:
LiSA receives gifts. letters and a banner from her fans.

A few hours later, LiSA posted these photos above on her Twitter account thanking her Filipino fans. I was so happy seeing my gift in the picture. Can you guess which one is my gift? I also gave her a letter(The one with the ugliest design on the envelope, haha!), I hope she read it even though it was written in pure English. LiSA also received a banner filled with messages and greetings from her Filipino fans!

She also posted a video on her Facebook page expressing how great her concert was in Manila. She said she had so much fun and there were plenty of minions. (I'm glad that Minions were really a thing in the Philippines when she went here which made her enjoy her stay in the country even more!)

Anyway, here's a close up to my handmade gift for LiSA.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Minion Kevin crocheted doll by yours truly!

LiSA loves minions so much and so I thought of making a crocheted Kevin minion doll for her. Glad I was able to find a free pattern online by Stephanie of All About Ami. I just altered the part of the eyes because I don't have the exact materials for it. And to make it more personalized and LiSAfied, I also made a Launcher bazooka which was really in time for her Launcher album. I can't imagine I was able to make a doll as big as this for one whole week! It was tiring to the hands and even got serious non-stop colds from the thin threads of the yarn. It was difficult but I could say I had fun making this doll. I just hope LiSA appreciated my gift and brought it with her back to Japan! (Hehe!)


(image source: Katsanslimites; collage by Katsanslimites)
My friend and I holding LiSA's poster after the concert.

It wasn't just another great day, it was the greatest day ever! Overall, I would rate LiSA's Manila concert with perfect five stars! I'm so glad that the very first concert I had attended to was with LiSA's. I enjoyed it and was totally amazed with her voice that night. The way she sang her songs was even better than those of her studio recorded ones. I was really expecting to see her tired after a few songs because that's what I often notice on her videos I watch online but her voice that night was really something. It was totally definitely great and different in a very good way.

The crowd too was very lively and supportive. I just can't believe even for just a few hours, I was with everyone who shares the same taste in music as mine. Even though I had a hard time seeing LiSA from my seat(height problems!) and even though our arms were strained from non-stop cheering, I still and will forever consider it a very magnificent night. This is just one of those memories in my life that I will forever treasure and refuse to forget.

Right now, we, her fans from the Philippines are on watch of her concert announcements as she is already set to return to Taiwan and Mexico this September. I read somewhere on an interview last 2015 that she's hoping to return to the countries she had been to hopefully by the end of 2016. As of now, there are still no announcements of her shows for December so I'm really trying my best to keep updated so that I can save up for the tickets as soon as possible.


For the mean time, I'm cutting my dramas off and will happily show you more of LiSA's pictures during her stay in Manila.

(image source:; collage by Katsanslimites)
LiSA enjoys the minion fever in the Philippines!

LiSA receives a cake(upper left photo) during her stay in Manila and even had some of the restaurant's waiters sing the Happy Birthday song. LiSA was very surprised upon hearing them sing! On the upper middle photo, you could see a very happy LiSA with the bouquet of flowers and a happy meal set box on her left hand while she thanks everyone. Showing her love for minions, she posed infront of a McDonald's store(upper right photo) mimicking Ronald Mcdonald's pose. She was totally into minions during her visit to Manila. From her accessories, dessert, drink, candy and toys! It was a complete minion paradise for her and she'll probably remember our country with the most minions aside from bananas and mangoes!

Well, I guess that's pretty much it! I'm very optimistic about LiSA's promise of returning here in the country. Although nobody knows when, but when the time comes, I will make sure not to miss it and will definitely come early this time!

Thanks for reading!

✧ Katsanslimites

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