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In Pakistan history of Prime ministership is dreadful and davasted.. Prime Minister is the political leader and responsible of nominating the cabinet. and the rest of the government. 


LIAQAT ALI KHAN was appointed as 1st Prime minster by Governor  General of Pakistani in 1947 and was assasinated in 1951. His tenure was 4 years 2 months and 2 days. 

KHAWAJA NAZIMUDDIN was appointed as 2nd Prime Minster in October 1951 and lasted till April 1953. His tenure was 1 year and six month


MUHAMMAD ALI BOGRA was appointed as 3rd Prime Minster in April 1953 and lasted till August 1955. His tenure was 2 years 3 moths and 26 days.


CHAUDHRAY MUHAMMAD ALI was appointed as 4th Prime Minister in August 1955 and lasted till September 1956. His tenure was only 1 year and 1 month.

HUSSAIN SHAHEED SUHRAWARDY was appointed as 5th Prime Minster in September 1956 and lasted till October 1957. His tenure was only 1 year 1 month and 5 days.


IBRAHIM ISMAIL CHUNDRIGARH was appointed as 6th Prime Minster in October 1957 and lasted only till December 1957. His tenure was just only 1 month and 29 days. 


FEROZ KHAN NOON was appointed as 7th Prime Minster in December 1957 and lasted till October 1958. His tenure was was 9 months and 21 days.


AYUB KHAN was appointed as 8th Prime Minster in 24th October 1958 and lasted till 28th October 1958. His tenure was just only 4 days. 

NURUL AMIN was appointed as 9th Prime Minister in 7th December 1971 and lasted till 20th December 1971. his tenure was only for 13 days. 

ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO was appointed as 10th Prime Minster in 13th August 1973 and lasted till 5th of July 1977. his tenure was 3 years 10 months and 21 days

MUHAMMAD KHAN JUNEJO was appointed as 11th Prime Minster in 24th March 1985 and lasted till 29th May 1988. His tenure was 3 years 2 month and 5 days. 


BENEZIR BHUTTO was appointed as 12th Prime minister in 2nd of December 1988 and lasted till 6th august 1990. Her tenure was 1 year 8 months 4 days. 

NAWAZ SHARIF was appointed as 13th Prime minister in 6th November 1990 and lasted till April 1993. His tenure was 2 years 5 monthand 12 days.

NAWAZ SHARIF was again appointed as 14th Prime minister in 26th May 1993 and lasted till 18th July 1993. His tenure was only 1month 22 days.

BENEZIR BHUTTO was again appointed as 15th Prime minister in October 1993 and lasted till November 1996. Her tenure was 3 years and 17 days.


NAWAZ SHARIFwas again appoined as 16th Prime Minister in 17th February 1997 and lasted till 12th October 1999. His tenure was 3 years 7 months and 25 days.

ZAFARULAH KHAN JAMALI was appointed as 17th Prime Minister in 23 November 2002 and lasted till 26th Jume 2004. His tenure was 1 year 7 months and 3 days.

SHAUKAT AZIZ was appointed as 18th Prime Minister in 28th August 2004 and lasted till 15th November 2007. His tenure was 3 years 2 months and 18 days.

YOUSAF RAZA GILANI was appointed as 19th Prime Minister in 25th March 2008 and lasted till june 2012. His tenure ws 4 years 2 months and 25 days.

RAJA PERVAIZ ASHRAF was appoiinted as 20th Prime Minister in June 2012 and lasted till March 2013. His tenure was 9 months and 2 days.

NAWAZ SHARIF was appointed agin as 21st Prime /minsiter in June 2013 and lasted till July 2017. His tenure was 4 years 1 month and 23 days.

SHAHID KHAQAN ABBASI was appointed as 22nd Prime Minister in August 2017 and still he is remain till the last election





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