List of the Winners for Quiquitos at 41 St Gramado Cinema Festival in the South of Brazil

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List of the Winners for the Quiquitos at 41 St Gramado Films Festival in the South of Brazil

The Closing Cerimony was on the Saturday night at the Festivals Palace in the Beautifull City in the Sierra of Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul State.

Festivals Palace enter.

The 41 St Gramado Cinema Festival ends on the past saturday night. Like in other editions, Leonardo Machado and Renata Boldrini presents the cerimony of the Winners for the Quiquitos premiums.

These year the Cinema Festival show the films that was compete 16 National Shorts, six foreign longs and eight brazillian longs.

Begining at 21h30min and ending at 23h45min, the cerimony have musicals presentations of the Duo Nico Nicolaiewsky and Hique Gomez, that are comedy actors for the theather piece Tangos & Tragédias that is a sucess for many years here in Brazil, if you come to the Brazillian Cup of 2014 you must see, that originates the long animated film "Até que a Sbórnia nos Separe",  that is competing on these night.

On the sequence, was revelated the winners of the Quiquitos, on the categories long films, foreign longs and national longs Movies.


Quiquito Winners for Best Long Brazillian Films in Gramado 2013.


Best Film (Popular Jury) and Dom Quixote Premium: A Oeste do Fim do Mundo, by Paulo Nascimento (Film Co-Produced Argentina and Brazil - Filmed in Argentina) verse about three people a couple from Brazil that have your own secrets from the past  and the Gas Station owner that passed for the War of Malvinas and have his son on these war and have his suffers these three people meet at the gas station on the middle of a desertic city in Argentina.


Best Long National Film Hilton Lacerda at Gramado Film Festival 2013 by Tatuagem.


Quiquito for Best Actress Leandra Leal in Eden Gramado Film Festival 2013.


See all the winners list of the Festival here:

Short Films
Best Sound Figures: Tiago Bello, Marcos Lopes and Rita Zart, in Tomou Café e Esperou
Best Music Film: Luiz Oliviéri, in Acalanto
Best Director of Art: Rogério Tavares, in Acalanto
Best Setting: Gilberto Scarpa and Vinícius Gotardelo, in Merda!
Best Fotography: Alexandre Samori, in Arapuca
Best Screenplay: Francine Barbosa and Pedro Jorge, in A Navalha do Avô
Best Actress: Léa Garcia, in Acalanto
Best Actor: Kauê Telloli, in A Navalha do Avô
Especial Premium from the Jury: Carregadores do Monte Serrat, by Cassio Santos and Julio Lucena
Best Film (Popular Jury): Acalanto, by Arturo Sabóia
Best Director: Acalanto, by Arturo Sabóia
Best Film: Acalanto, by Arturo Sabóia

- Canal Brasil Premium
A Navalha do Avô, by Pedro Jorge

- Dom Quixote Premium
Repare Bem, by Maria de Medeiros
Honorous Mentium: A Oeste do Fim do Mundo, by Paulo Nascimento, and Venimos de Muy Lejos, by Ricardo Piterbarg

Foreign Long Films
Best Fotography: Eduardo Ramírez Gonzáles, in Cazando Luciérnagas
Best Screenplay: Carlos Francos Esguerra in Cazando Luciérnagas
Best Actress: Valentina Abril, in Cazando Luciérnagas
Best Actor: Cesar Troncoso, in A Oeste do Fim do Mundo
Especial Premium from the Jury: Venimos de Muy Lejos, by Ricardo Piterbarg
Best Film (Popular Jury): A Oeste do Fim do Mundo, by Paulo Nascimento
Best Director: Roberto Flores Prieto, in Cazando Luciérnagas
Best Film: Repare Bem, by Maria de Medeiros

- From theCritics Jury
Best Short Film: Os Filmes Estão Vivos, by Fabiano de Souza e Milton do Prado

Best Foreign Long Film: Repare Bem, by Maria de Medeiros

Best Long National Film: Tatuagem, by Hilton Lacerda

Brazillian Long Films
Best supporting actress: Clarisse Abujamra, in A Coleção Invisível
Best supporting actor: Walmor Chagas, in A Coleção Invisível (was his last film of these wonderfull actor before the retirement).
Best Sound Figures: Edson Secco, in Éden
Best music: Dj Dolores, in Tatuagem
Best Director of arts: Eloar Guazzelli and Pilar Prado, in Até que a Sbórnia nos Separe
Best Setting: Karen Harley, in Os Amigos
Best Fotography: Gallo Rivas, in A Bruta Flor do Querer
Best Screenplay: Domingos de Oliveira, in Primeiro Dia de um Ano Qualquer
Best Actress:  Leandra Leal, in Éden
Best Actor: Irandhir Santos, in Tatuagem
Jury Especial Premium: Revelando Sebastião Salgado, by Betse de Paula
Best Film (Popular Jury): Até Que a Sbórnia nos Separe, by Otto Guerra e Ennio Torresan Jr; and A Coleção Invisível, by Bernard Attal
Best Director: Andradina Azevedo and Dida Andrade, in A Bruta Flor do Querer
Best Filme: Tatuagem, by Hilton Lacerda

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