Little Babes are the Future of a Nation

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Little Babes are the Future of a Nation


               Little Babes are the Future of a nation and they are like a small flowers, so just I want to discuss here that how should we treat with them?. At childhood it is more necessary that you should give them a discipline ethics to able them and to help them to make a great person of the future. One should make their children character building at the early stage.









       Children are innocent by nature so they don’t know something very well. They need proper guides to understand them that what are goods and what are bad to do. Therefore in schools and in colleges children are also trained about their habit.






               One should not behave roughly with them and should always treat them kindly and softly. Because their mind are small just like their age. At their childhood they want to learn those, what they are taught and trained. So if one want to make his/her child’s future bright then he/she must have to start his/her struggle from the beginning because it is necessary to make the base of a child.



           Small children don’t know that what they are doing good and bad. They are also fond of doing something funny. They play with insects, clay, or with anything which seems them funny and amazing.  Some children don’t afraid of some danger things because actually they don’t know that what thing is danger? , in fact even they don’t know the meaning of danger. So their parents or their Youngers are responsible to understand them about these things.


            When small babes play with each other they often start bothering each other. So it’s the nature of the small babes. This is the temporary among them because they again start to play after some time with the same child. They have their own world so they often want those things, which they can play with.


                 The time of small babes are mostly spent with their Mothers and naturally they love their Moms more then something else,  therefore it is the great responsibility of their Moms to keep teach them good behavior and attitude and to understand them to avoid of doing something danger and wrong. Because the real treatment of the child is done in his or her mother’s lap. Educated mothers can do well this job and therefore it said that mother should be educated in order to help their child to make their future bright and wonderful. 


Writer: Amer AnneX

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