Logan (2017) - New Wolverine Movie Every one is excited to see!

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Hey guys! Are you excited about new Wolverine movie "Logan"? Have you seen the trailer? for me it's one of the most anticipated movies in 2017 and also this might be the last time we can Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Logan's plot is darker themed comparing to other Wolverine movies because this story is taking place on 2024 and mutant births are severely in decline which left Wolverine and few mutants left in the world. Meanwhile government is trying to catch remaining mutants and trying to turn them into killing machines.

Their main target is child called Laura(X-23) who related to Wolverine. Wolverine helps her to survive from government operation and tries to keep her safe. To see this movie we have o wait till March 3 of 2017. Who else excited to see this movie?

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