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Today’s focus will be on Depression. Depression is a mental disorder where the person feels worthless, has no desire to move forward. The person may experience symptoms of sadness, extreme weight gain or weight loss, a sense of hopelessness… worst of all a feeling of being stuck. A person can feel stuck when they reach a fork in the road and immediately freeze up and don’t know where to turn.


Some individuals can experience depressive like symptoms after a tragic event or even a joyous occasion. For one when I graduated college I was the happiest person in the world at that moment. Unfortunately that joy only lasted for so long when my struggle began looking for a full time job. Knowing that my student loans will be making their debut on my doorstep soon, I could hear the clock ticking and the fear rising.

For a while I would alienate myself from everyone and just slept the day away feeling sorry for myself, until recently when something inside of me woke up and I slowly but surely started working on my mental stability.

Everyday I’m trying to get better, to work harder and show the world what I have to offer. It’s not an easy task especially knowing about the symptoms of depression and being a psychology major I immediately diagnosed myself. I realized that once I put the label of being depressed on myself I started feeling more depressed.

Fortunately depression can be monitored with medication or with different types of therapeutic techniques, for those who feel like they might be experiencing symptoms of depression I advise to go speak with someone or if you feel strange about seeing a therapist go out and try to do things that make you happy. Start dancing, singing, drinking coffee, sketching, listening to music, or watching your favorite films while eating snacks, exercising...etc..

Do things that make you feel empowered and most important HAPPY.

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Kat Najsarek is a College of Staten Island Psychology graduate. She is very artistic, a lover of animals and a traveler. Kat is highly opinionated and sociable, just trying to find her path in this world.

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