Loose 10+ Pounds in 7 Days

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Summer is on it's way to say goodbyes which means your weight-loss chances are reducing too. Get yourself ready for this simple-to-follow diet plan and loose more than ten pounds in just a week.


The real secret to this diet is that the food you consume will require more calorie-burning in order to be processed than the calories it provides. Which means it takes away more calories than what it supplies.


We all know that strict diets and weight-loss plans can lead to moodiness, stubbornness, depression and even headaches. To avoid such side effects try to cut down the salt and sugar intake in your meals before you actually start the diet. Also try to drink lots of water before you go on this diet to boost up your metabolism. Walk for a few miles or set a time and walk around the house or dance for an hour or do any such activity this too will set your body up and make it ready for the diet.

Once you are used to with the new routine you're ready to start. And you're gonna love the results.


Now move on the the plan i have for you guys

DAY 1:

On the first day of your diet eat fruits, as many as you can. But fruits too, have calories so go a little easy on your stomach. You have to eat fruits all day. The lowest calorie fruits like melons, watermelons, papaya etc are the best. Keep drinking water through out the day as well.

DAY 2:

Eat vegetables all except starchy veges like beans, corns etc. The greener the better. Drink good amount of water as well. You can eat potatoes, and other veges with a little bit of flavoring as well. Don't forget your healthy habit you have started from a few days before your diet plan. You can eat raw veges, make soup/salad, cook them a bit or whatever way you like. As long as it no oil no starch just good green friend on your plate.

DAY 3:

You can Split your menu into half and eat fruit for half of the day and veges for another half. Don't forget to drink lots of water. You can always drink a cup of no-sugar-no-milk coffee/tea in the mornings if you want.

DAY 4:

 On this day you can eat unsweetened dairy products along with a fruit. The most recommended on this day is bananas and yogurt but you can have baked potato and butter or any fruit be it banana or any other other such fruit with yogurt. 8-9 glasses of skimmed milk and 8-9 bananas can also go with the diet plan. Just make sure you give your body enough calcium and carbs and proteins so you don't feel weak  or craved for anything beyond your diet plan.

DAY 5:

This is the fun day, you can have two palm sized slices of turkey or chicken and about ten tomatoes just make sure you drink MORE water than usual to flush out uric acid from your body increase one glass of water per tomato you eat. This would do the job.

DAY 6:

Eat as many green vegetables as you can and have a slice of chicken/turkey in lunch as well. Remember ONLY GREEN VEGETABLES TODAY!

Day 7:

On the last day of your diet plan surprise your stomach with some delicious vegetable soup.You can have 4-6 cups of soup this day. Choose your favs and add them in a sauce pan you can add some soup mix for flavor as long as it's not starchy or anything.

For Better Results:

This diet plan is going to make you loose weight up to pounds for sure. But you can do something more to get better results. Make sure you don't eat anything 3 hours before bed time, you can have your drinks/ water at that time. Have a walk if nothing else. Drink lots of water all day long so its easy for your body to flush out excess products rather than storing it in your body. You can start your day with one of my detox drinks, they are easy to make and give great results check out the link below


I hope this will help you all. Let me know if it does. Stay blessed, Keep smiling and Good Luck :)

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