Love, fun and Ishq

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Love, fun and Ishq

They say the heart of man is like a child that sees him do it so longs. As soon as it is prone to get if it is not, then everything is sad, even angry. Which means no more difference in our heart, and children. But is there a difference between these three things, namely the very heart of love, and love is to understand that they are different from each other one understand, but make a lot of difference. Love may be anything they can be anything, and no man shall not be something wrong somewhere, we also love interest. Why is it when something of interest in how everything started well. And may be changed in the interest of either love slowly but steadily, or forever lose your quality time together because everything expire.

Likewise, if we speak of the special love is fun, but it is done by human parents love their children, it is also diverting the same friends also love is love from the heart of man, the suffering of this good, your suffering. It is sad to see a man be too sad.

But most human love is different, why it is dangerous to human life also lost in this. There is two types of love in which we say that the essence of a real love for the Prophet is done by human love when the  movement, he is neglectful of everything in the universe then it is not a purpose of something just for the sake of their Lord, so that they will not act in any way that takes care of the angry. Man always love the same species is also entitled to followed, which should be the love we love another human being, a man sits by the virtual end of love is also called man and could not take care of him all the time just to make a man '. At the same time to celebrate my life close to everything that the wickedness of man was even prepared to sacrifice one of the indicators. It is love, and the love and heart, this is the very best way forward is their location it's just and only one man and one time in life.

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