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Love is a strong feeling of affection, love or refers to emotion, strong attraction, and personal attachment.  Love is an important in our life otherwise it keeps us in darkness. It is significant for our existence. The word Love can’t define easily it has no exact meaning because everyone is defining and feelings according to him or herself.

 Falling in love is a magical experience that happens between two people and gives more attraction and enthusiasm to achieve that person. Life has different taste and feeling when we fall in love. It likes a river when we are completely sunk in river of love our mind becomes stuck with the attached people who are very near to us. We only hear the voice of our heart we become unconscious what is keep happening around us.We don’t know that the person we love the most and he/she changes our life style completely or attitude and personality. Love is a sweet fragrance of flower that everybody can’t smell. We get hurt when we raise our expectations and demand for that person, it doesn’t carry any reason. It makes the beautiful and complete.


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