Dear Pranav, I sincerely love you and our relationship are so pure that no one can question. I do not care about other people I want to hear the same from you.We are connected with soul.I know that we are from different cast but at the same time I also know one thing that same blood is flowing in us.And our body is made from same thing.Once we born here then only this society has made casts and other stuffs and we have to believe them and survive here.But frankly speaking I do not believe in this cast-ism and I truly love you.

My parents will not agree to be with you for the whole life and at the same time I do not want to get married without their permission. Love does not mean always to get what we want but love also means sacrifice and I know that people over here will never be able to understand the purity of our love and it is ok for both of us.

I believe that love means we have to see that our mate remains happy in all situation of life and I therefore pray for you for the same.Let us live a life without each other and for the sake of our family

Source : - my own article

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