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One day once Jessica got here from faculty, she saw some photos on James’s album in pc. within the photos there was a woman and also the caption aforementioned,
however he didn’t replay. Suddenly Jessica started crying , she couldn’t stop. She was very mad , unhappy and he or she thought everything was over between James and her.

Next day , once she got home she saw one uninformed message and it had been by James. The message aforementioned,” Wow ! you actually believed me? i used to be simply jocose. I even have a girlfriend and her name is Sophia , i like her most. I had a extremely nice time riant concerning however stupid you're. ” Jessica felt angry and unhappy. She started crying once more. She cried for per week . And it appeared she was aforementioned forever. She didn’t let her folks in her space. She latched the door and cried there all day. She even cried in school . She despised everyone and he or she was with great care lonely.

Jessica was found dead next day in her space. She killed herself with a pointy knife. Jessica fell gaga with James, as a result of she wished one thing new happen in her life. She wished to feel love and he or she wished to speak to someone UN agency will perceive and love her. Her folks were surprised and sorrow came into their lives. nobody went in Jessica’s space once what had happened. they merely empty and latched the space wherever Jessica slept and had her period. Her folks thought , she killed herself as a result of Jessica didn't have an excellent ,family, or fun times. however they still didn’t understand James. What had happened to Jessica was as a result of her tedium life and James’s faux very little love


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