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Among the world 's most sacred and holy love which God has created in the hearts of men . Who is loving and affectionate , patient , not jealous , merciful , and who does not envy , is not proud, and nobody is resented , not selfish Vhychgah does not boast , who is love and love is not demanding of others no waiting ambitions .

Not nervous and irritable heart is not maliciousness . Never inequity and injustice are not happy but happy is the way to victory . If you 're in love with someone you love , to be Hrqymt stay true to him , he always believed in the words you want her happiness And you defend him .

Love is love , as well as two forms of unilateral and bilateral reciprocal love love love in the heart grasped and compel people to think about it . This is the power of love by which you can deal with all the hardships of the world and the problems that reciprocal love is more powerful and stronger than the one-sided love, reciprocal love comes home early .

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This is sonia last name basharmal from afghanistan Iam interested in writing and love singing.And I am a writter on Film Annex.

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