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Today my blog is about importance of luck.In life all people struggle to be superior than others but we see that most of them cannot achieve that superior position which they want to achieve.It does not mean that they do not work hard in fact they work very hard but their luck does not help them so they cannot attain that position which they want.

I will give you my own example.18 AUGUST I applied in air force for commission as a aeronautical engineer.My initial test was 29 august I work really hard for that test and i got success in it.

After this initial test they checked me medically at 9 august and i was also fit medically.Then they told me that you will be called by ISSB at kohat for your some remaining tests.I was very hopeful that time because I think that i will prepare my self for ISSB tests and i will be selected.

At mean while I applied in university for Geology and I passed my entry test and interview at university also.The last date for the submission of documents in university was 15 August but i did not submit my documents in university because of that i want to go only in AIR FORCE as a commissioned officer.

So,I reject the option of university and I took the admission in a academy for the preparation of issb I worked very hard for got selected in ISSB(INTER SERVICES SELECTION BOARD).I spend 30 days in academy and I prepared my self fully for my tests.

The ISSB sent me call letter of 29 OCTOBER.I was really excited to recieve my call letter because i thought that i will be selected by the board. So,I went with friends for ISSB to kohat at 29 OCTOBER.

We stayed 4 days there.The staff of ISSB gave many tests from us in 4 days and i was very good in all tests and my friends were very hopeful to be selected about not their own self but about me.All my friends were really impressed by my performance at ISSB. So,I came back from kohat 2 NOVEMBER.The ISSB board told us that they will sent us our results by letters after 2 DAYS. After two days when all of saw our results then none of us was recommended by the board.I was also not recommended  because at that time my luck was not with me if my luck stood with me then no body can reject me.

Luck + hard work=success

So,at any step of life your hard working is not only necessary but your luck has major rule everywhere.I am not hopeless still now because I know that my luck does not want to send me in AIR FORCE but it want to sent me some where else and I do not know anything about that.

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I am a student of Bsc Agricultural scinece .I am from Pakistan. I belong to Haripur.

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