Luck Or Wisdom which wins.(part 2)

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This is the second part of my blog .The men laughs on hearing the voice of farmer and said that "bro this is not the matter ,we come there to bring you..King wants to meet you " As wisdom is not present in the farmer .He don't greet them and said angrily and misbehave them and said "Whats the problem with the king that he calls me?"

"We don't know; you have to come with us and remember that you have to behave properly . " replied the man. Farmer asked i don't know how to behave properly. The man advised him that " you say yes to every question of the king ". The farmer said "yes "showing that he had understand them.

The farmer entered in the court room of the king . He become so excited and start rolling here and there. When his head is down and feet up at that moment king entered in the room . The farmer foolishly move towards the king and hugged the king . The king wants to get rid of him but he stuck with the king very tightly .

The servants pushed him back with great force and let the king free . The king sat on its royal seat and said to farmer " I heard that the jewels are grown in your fields "

To be Continue . . . . . 

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