Lulusar Lake - Pakistan

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Lulusar Lake (Lulu Sar Lake) is the largest lake in Kaghan Valley having mirror like waters. Image of surrounding mountains is beautifully reflected in the lake. It is the headwaters ( main reservoir) of Kunhar River. It is situated on main road which goes from Naran to Babusar Pass & forther to Chillas. People going to Babusar Pass (highest point of the valley) must pass by this beautiful lake. 

During winter & early Summer road ahead Naran remains closed due to heavy snow fall & other blockages. From June to October it is open. To visit Lulusar Lake no hiking / camping gear is required. You can go & visit Lulusar Lake from Naran on Jeep & easlily return back before night. If you want to include Dudipatsar Lake & other lakes in the vicinity then its minimum two days trip including hiking & camping. 

It is 48 km (30 miles) away from Naran. Jeep could be hired for a return trip.



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