Maambong Spring and Resort: My Childhood Favorite Swimming Pool

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Do you have a favorite hang out place or resort with the family back in your childhood? I do and I revisited it and rekindled the fond memories we had before ending the year 2018.

Maambong Spring and Resort is a swimming pool resort which is very unique in its own way because their swimming pools don't contain any chemicals, instead, the water is free flowing from a natural spring. Thus, it is considered a natural spring swimming pool and I love it.

Maambong Spring and Resort: My Childhood Favorite Swimming Pool

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Right after Christmas, my niece was already bugging me about her wanting to go out swimming in a pool. She knows I can't say no to her so I promised her we will go somewhere where the swimming pool waters are cold and nice and she looked forward to it.

On the 27th, I woke up very early, bought the things we needed for our lunch out and several other foods were just leftovers from Christmas which we need to consume before it goes bad.

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We were quite early. At nine in the morning, we were on our way, Maambong Spring and Resort is just two towns away from our place so it took only thirty minutes before we arrived. Back when I was little, all I could recall was that it was far from the main highway, that it would take a few more hours to reach the place but it was not the case actually. Just five minutes drive from the highway, we already reached the parking area.

To our surprise, it was packed! There were so many visitors that day, perhaps it was because its post-Christmas and many were still celebrating it even if it was two days past already. But that didn't let us be dismayed and turn away, good thing there were still tables available.

Maambong Spring and Resort: What Has Changed?

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I had been here years ago, I could literally see different things had changed. My childhood favorite had already evolved somehow from just a simple swimming pool resort. Let me share these things with you.

Roxas Park to Maambong Spring and Resort

Growing up, we don't call the resort Maambong Spring but we refer it as Roxas Park. I don't know where we got that name but it was how our parents and elders refer it and so we all had been using that term even until this day.

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But upon realizing, the resort is called as such due to the camping site right next to the resort. The camping site is formally known as President Manuel A. Roxas Campsite and is a pride to the locals of Garcia Hernandez. This becomes an instant extra parking space too when there are so many vehicles around.

During our visit, there were a lot of tents around, I believe there was an event in the vicinity. Before, we also had camped here with some Christian Youth organizations.

Swimming Pools

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At the entrance of Maambong Spring and Resort is a huge post with some information on the enhancement and improvement of the said resort. I learned it was a collective effort by certain government and private personalities.

The number of swimming pools, of course, had increased. From just two, now, they offer one for the adults ranging from 4 to 8 feet high while there are three kiddie pools, one of them has a short slide. It has evolved now as more of a child-friendly pool rather than just a generic pool before.

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Back in the days, both pools have diving boards where we usually jump and dive into the water. Now, the kiddie pools don't have those anymore, only the bigger pool for the adults.

Activity Center and Function Halls

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Perhaps the huge change was the opening of the function halls, maybe it was not very new at all but because it was not available back in the days when we were always swimming here, I never realized this is offered until then.

What's so good about Maambong Spring and Resort is that they have very affordable rates. See for those who want to use the function hall space's tables and chairs, that would only cost Php 100 per table for day use. If it is for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and etc, they only charge Php 1,000.

Exclusive usage is also welcome but this has to be booked in advance. The exclusive use of the two swimming pools, function halls, and its cottages, in short, exclusive booking of the entire resort only costs Php 10,000 for a maximum number of 200 persons.

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While if it is just the upper or lower swimming pool, it would be Php 5,000 only for a maximum number of 200 persons as well. They don't charge corkage fees so anyone can bring whatever food they want.

Stores and Vendors

When I was little, there were no stores available here. So if we want to buy any snacks or drinks, we have to get out the resort and buy it from a nearby neighbor store. Today, it has its own store now available inside which sells a variety of items.

Aside from that, there are certain vendors allowed too! One of which I noticed was the Sweet Corn vendor who had brought their containers and displayed at the poolside. I even bought two because my niece was asking for it.


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Although a lot of things had improved, there's one thing that was still constant in Maambong Spring and Resort and that is the water. Since I was little, I love the waters here because there are no chemicals added. The water coming in from the spring fills up all the pools, it also becomes an instant waterfall because of the pressure, most swimmers would sit there and have a backwater massage.

There's a water exit too which is visible to all visitors. I love feeling the water pressure as it goes out of the pool into a vast rice field paddies at the distant. It is truly guaranteed that there will be no skin irritation because it is free-flowing water.

Truly, the spring here is a blessing to the locals and the same way to the visitors who come here to enjoy the fresh and natural spring water swimming pools.

Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

How to Get There?

From Tagbilaran City, Garcia Hernandez is an hour drive, about 53 kilometers away. From the main highway, it will take another three kilometers to Maambong Spring and Resort.

But en route, you'll pass by the different scenic views and some famous tourist spots as well which you can always drop by if you want. There are wide rice fields too which has a very pretty ambiance while traveling.

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Aside from that, there are also beaches at the coastal road areas, tall Mahogany trees are mostly seen at the roadside and the highway is very clear from traffic which makes it a good province for a road trip!

When commuting, there are several public Van for hire and buses which passes by the highway and drop you off the intersection going to Maambong Spring and Resort. From there, Habal-habal drivers are always welcome to take you to the resort.

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