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This article is all about "Embracing Social Media", for a business it's the sales & consumers, for a celebrity it's the publicity, for an entrepreneur it is the right target audience and for me its the "Impact".

Travels and learning have always been my passion. One gets to visit places meet different people, explore awesomeness, for me travel always has been adventurous and memorable. Coming to the impact side, my curiosity made me choose social media, and similar to everything, it was a challenge connecting to it,  one would spend the whole time on music, celebrities and wallpapers, It was the starting step that were the difficult ones, with time the picture starting getting clear.

I had to embrace 'social media' for my passion, it actually was very interesting such as starting to know people in social media that's where the idea of making noise came, which is all about using not spending. I started networking, getting known on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Google search and YouTube, the key to all views & reviews, so things started to click for me the way i did not even expect them, i got awesome opportunities to travel and explore one of my favorite places, "UN Headquarters, Times Square etc", had adventure at Tarrytown with great company.

This story is meant to 'embrace', not the social media which is merely a tool, but its about embracing the dream the passion which will eventually make you a Social Media User in the end, its a great lesson for those who actually need to work on what they love because a year ago with the mentality of "Writing", i felt the urge of using my time and thought on blogs, that's where I met Film Annex.

Never keep calm, make a noise and yeah!

My impact journey continues


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