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To make money online is a new type of job for Afghans. As the world and technology develops, people’s knowledge develop, too. Before, the national and international companies were fulfilling their affairs through paper work. Today, everything the businessmen do at their companies are online. Thus, they apply those who have got online knowledge.

How to learn it?

Afghan people learn how to use social media skills, such as blogging, g-mail, yahoo, twitter, facebook, and Film Annex at private courses by paying money. then, they can have that skill to go to the national and international companies in order to make money.

How should poor ones learn?

Today, knowledge is not only for the rich people, but it is for the poor ones, too. Lots of those whose economical condition is not good are making money online, too. This is because there are some software companies, such as Afghan Citadel Software Company teach them free internet classes.

Afghan Citadel Software Company, has built many free internet classes for Afghan female high schools, and teaches them how to use the social media. Besides, this company teaches them how to do blogging, too. Right now, 160,000 thousand Afghan female students are connected with one another through internet activities they do.


In addition, this company (Afghan Citadel Software Company) has built tens of internet classrooms for Afghan women in safe places.

Today, not only Afghan men have jobs but Afghan women enjoy jobs too. Thus, it is possible to judge that Afghanistan is developed several times more than the past. Now, Afghan people are thinking about how to build their country instead of thinking on war and terror.

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