Making Money Online is Like Planting Trees

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It has been a long established fact since the advent of social media, that any computer literate can really make money online or do legit business via the internet.

Recently, I came across someone who joined bitLanders  only to malign and bad mouth other members of this website calling it "kalokohan" or nonsense and a waste of time. I believe this bully doesn't understand or realize the great financial benefits this platform has got to offer.

In my parlance, this bully is just plain ILLITERATE and a big joke at that! I think he lacks communicative skills and hides behind the cloak of IGNORANCE that's why.

As for me, I wouldn't give a hoot to anyone or any group of skeptics who think my doing online work is just a waste of time. I will go on to prove them wrong and simply ignore them. Bullies always enjoy what they do if they get reactions or counter replies from their victims. Ignore them and they will fizzle out just like a deflated balloon. Bragging aside, many of us bitLanders members have happily received substantial financial REWARDS after having joined this site. I have joined other sites in the past and for me bitLanders is the BEST!

I started joining other online paying sites in 2009 and since then friends ask me why I shouldn't get an office job instead. Well, it's because I got inspired by very successful online bloggers and entrepreneurs. Someone did say, "if you are not willing to INVEST ON TIME, forget making money online". That's true! For me, time is GOLD! I also know of successful bloggers who earned a measly $1/year when they first started. But because of their passion and perseverance, these bloggers currently earn no less than $1000/month. How can a desk job (local) beat that? My hats off to them! They serve as my motivators to this very day and I know I will join their ranks someday... SOON!


During my early beginnings with bitLanders, I remember earning a meager mBTC 0.001 daily bonus and earnings. But as time moved on my earnings slowly rose up to mBTC 35. I had more than twenty (20) referrals but only one (1) remained active and is now on the leaderboard, while the rest didn't continue. Perhaps, they got discouraged when they saw the daily earnings of only mBTC 0.001. Well, I can't force them anyway.

But you know, I can compare MAKING MONEY ONLINE to farming. Planting always start with a good seed. It will take time and tender loving care to watch your premium plants or trees grow until it reaches harvest time. It may take years to realize the fruits of your labor. Those who get easily discouraged are like farmers who only want to plant small and quick growing plants that they can harvest immediately for them to earn a fast buck. Their plants are not long lasting. Planting trees like mangoes, coconuts or pili nuts for example, takes more than ten years before realizing a huge profit. Well, I'd rather be a long lasting and consistent millionaire than a one day millionaire but a 364 day pauper.

Once the trees are fully grown and are fruit bearing, you don't need to nurture or water them all the time. All you do is keep on harvesting its fruits when in season. And, when you get old you can hire people to harvest coconut fruits and pili nuts, sell them and earn money just the same. That's exactly what my dad did. He planted coconut trees and now that he is old, it remains our main source of family income in my home province of Bicol. If he didn't do that thirty (30) years ago, perhaps we would be extinct by now. LOL!

I started making money online with PTC (Paid-to-Click). I was followingGrace Haki a.k.a PinoyDeal. I learned how she started and became very successful online. Yes, she started earning just a few dollars then! Just like me.

In any profession, you will not reach the top unless you start from below. Do not aim to be a company big wig after graduation unless you really have the guts, determination, industry, perseverance and wisdom to attain that goal. If you are not willing to start from below, chances are you will get nowhere. Remember, experience is your best teacher and career guide to climb up the ladder of success. Even the wealthy and filthy rich Filipino taipans and billionaires start their children from the lowest rank in their company structure. A baby cannot immediately run a few months after birth. He must take that first step before he can walk. And that first step always counts!


So, WHY should we take making money online seriously? Learn from the resilience and fortitude of farmers like I mentioned. I do remember the famous and late American WriterAugustine "Og" Mandino II when he wrote "Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later". His kind words can be taken literally or figuratively. If we give our best shot here at bitLanders, we could definitely earn MORE REWARDS as we continually chug along.

I regretfully learned of @jean-beltran who used to be the top #1 user when I first joined bitLanders. If she didn't quit, I am dead sure she would be earning mBTC 50 or more DAILY! I'd envy that! I give due credit and my high praises for those former bitLanders members who gave up blogging for one reason or the other. I am very happy and thankful I learned a lot from them but I am also sad they are no longer with us. I wish them well wherever they may be!

Before I end this post, let me share with you some motivational quotes I wrote on my previous photo gallery.

GOOD LUCK to all bitLanders, past or present! May your tribe increase!  

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