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This is my first post so I will briefly explain what I am trying to do. I want to earn a second salary without doing much. I know this is possible because of the internet. I have tested many methods of doing this and made money, but I never took it that seriously. Now I need to so if you want to attempt to make some money as well then you can try these techniques. I will come back and update my posts with information about my experiments, whether I made money or not, whether it was worth it.

As you can tell from the title this post is about an experiment I ran to see if I could earn money with The reason this experiment frustrates me is because this is actually one of the best verified ways of making extra money online that I have seen in a while, and may have ruined it for myself.

What is Microworkers?

Microworkers is a website that allows you to take micro jobs. Basically people are willing to pay a small bounty for you to perform fairly simple tasks. Most tasks take a few minutes or less to complete. The payouts generally range from a few cents to 5 dollars or more. If the task pays more its generally a writing task, like creating content.

What is the difference between Microworkers and Amazon Mechanical Turks?

The biggest difference is that one is easy to get into and one isn't. Amazon mechanical turks is pretty full and they have very strict requirements in order to be accepted, for example being in a foreign country decreases your chances of getting accepted (I believe of course this isn't verified by amazon.)

However, on the strong contrary microworkers allows people from all countries, but still does have some strict guidelines about earning depending on where you live. For example, some tasks can only be taken by a worker who resides in the United States. They verify this information by mailing a post card to your home and other measures.

How is the money from Microworkers Dispensed?

There are several options to withdraw the money including bank transfers and a paypal transfer, however you will pay a processing fee.

Best Technique For Earning Money On Microworkers

If you sit around and just do a couple of tasks here and there you will never earn anything but a couple of dollars and then you will say this isn't worth doing. When I tried the second time with microworkers the approach I took was I will take a few hours of my time and do every single task available quickly and without interruption. In this way I was able to earn money very quickly and it only took a short amount of time. I know that if you are focused you can earn at least 50 dollars for 2 hours of work on Microworkers, that would be $25 dollars an hour if you can work quickly and resolve each task. I made this 15 dollars in like literally 30 minutes or less.


Any other advice about earning money on Microworkers?

Yes! Do not do what I did which is enter an incorrect address. They only allow one account per IP address so if you create an account and it doesn't work out good luck getting another one unless you want to change your IP address. Some people have also been curious about the nature of the tasks. If you don't understand the internet, seo, traffic then you may not understand why these employers are paying you to search for things and click on links. But its all about increasing that websites traffic or at least making Google think that you are.

If you have any more questions about Microworkers then just contact me at Until then I will be trying to convince them to mail my postcard to me again.

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