Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 And Other World Disasters: What Is The Significance Of The Number Three? Could The World Be Ending

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Although it seems quite far-fetched, and although I may be raising a few eyebrows world-wide, it seems odd and unusual that to date, many of the disasters making headlines total approximately 300 dead, or close to it and have the number 3 is significantly involved.

Fact No: 1

Consider Malaysian Flight 370, which happened in the 3rd month of the year. Unfortunately, to date, the plane has yet to be found and the mystery of its disappearance still persists. The aircraft was carrying 12 crew members and 227 passengers. It lost contact with air traffic control at about 01:20 MYT.  At 07:24, the plane was reported missing. Note: the time-frames all have the number 3 in there.

Fact No: 2

Nigerian school girls kidnapped by a terrorist group. In this crisis, more than 300 school girls were abducted by force by the radical terrorist group Boko Haram on April 15. To date, they are still missing and efforts to free the girls have been unsuccessful.

Fact No: 3

The South Korean Ferry Disaster. The disaster occurred on April 16 when a ferry enroute to a resort Island sunk, killing almost 300 people, mostly school children. At least 286 people were killed and 18 remain missing. Only 172 were rescued and the rest are presumed drowned. 

Fact No: 4 

Mining Disaster in Turkey.  Earlier this month in May, a mine collapsed in Turkey, killing approximately 300 miners --making it the worst disaster in that country's history. Turkish people detailed 24 people, including executives of the mining company.

Where the disasters occurred, it appeared to be human error or man-made. People may disagree, but I found it incredible that in all these cases, the number 3 was paramount. Almost 300 dead, etc. I discussed my opinions to a person who had a strong Christian upbringing, and he, too, was surprised by this as well. 

Could it be that the Second Coming by Christ is around the bend?

As someone who attends church whenever it is possible due to my work schedule, I am somewhat aware of the Bible's preaching of the end of the word.  And when you add many 3's together, you get the Satanic number of 666. It's frightening, isn't it? But since I don't like negativity, I will stop my research here and focus on more positive things. And I don't want the world to end yet, as I have a big bucket list. But I am sure the Internet has more theorists or wackos out there who might try to make something out of the oddity of the numbers of people missing or dead in these world disasters. 

If people would not cut corners to try to save money and get their head tested for mental illness, I am sure that the world will be a safer and a gentler world. 

We should do our part to try to prevent any world disasters or tragedy by reporting suspicious activities or people to the police. It is never too late to help stop violence or report bullying. If you hear a kid cry in the middle of the night and people yelling and throwing things, call the police. You may even help to stop a child abuser. Don't wait for someone else to do the reporting. Look at your neighbours more closely. Maybe he is hiding someone or something.

If you have a voice, use it. God would want you to do this for a good purpose. Evil actions should be stopped before it can harm or hurt people.  


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