man's enemies in the world (part 2)

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The disasters to which man has to combat like heavy rain, snow, cyclones, earth quake and windstorm etc are the natural enemies of man. They cause serious damages. Rain which is the blessing of God when it exceeds the limit may cause heavy loss. They destroy man’s life, crops, houses and properties.The earth quake shakes the foundation of buildings and buries man in one blink of eye. But with the latest technology man can forecast the weather and can protect his possessions and life.



Insects which are small creatures are also the enemies of man in the nature. They can cause many diseases and other damages. Scorpio when bites the man its poison spreads in the whole body of man and it can cause the death of man. Locusts are the harmful insects they destroy the plants and flowers. Flies and mosquitoes are also the members of insect’s class. They are also enemies of man; they spread different diseases in man.


Even in the plants world there are some dangerous and poisonous plants which are worst enemies of mankind. If man eats them they endanger the life of man. The plants like opium poppy, hashish and tobacco etc are used for making drugs. They affect man morally and socially. They cause diseases like mouth and lungs cancer and also birth defect.

Besides animals, plants, bacteria and viruses, floods and storms, plants and man is also enemy of its own. He has raised the pollution in the environment by his activities. Man’s habits like jealousy, anger and hypocrisy are also the greatest enemy of man. They destroy man internally and morally. Diseases like heart attack and hyper tension are the gift of these habits.



Among all the greatest and worst enemies to which man cannot combat is death. It is the biggest enemy of man in the world of nature. No one knows about the attack of this enemy, it is silent and cruelest enemy of man. Every man has the fear of death and no one can protect himself from this enemy. It is mysterious enemy. But still man survives with a hope of giving all his best in this world.


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