Margaret Cho: :Breeding Creativity Through a Crazy Schedule

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The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade got the chance to interview comedian Margaret Cho. She tells us about all of her projects such as, “The View”, a web show, her podcast, and   “Drop Dead Diva”. She tells us that managing her crazy schedule definitely breeds creativity. Margaret tells us about the dynamic of “Drop Dead Diva”, she says “It’s really about a lot of different things, it’s about women’s self esteem, we tackle gay issues, we tackle social issues, it’s about appearance, it’s about feeling good about ourselves, it’s about all these different things, which I love” Cho jokes about calling herself “The Prime Minister of the gays”, and she coins Kathy Griffin as the Queen of the gays. Margaret tells us more about her web show, about three women that were in jail going through the transition of coming out. “I talked to people in different capacities who were imprisoned and I know one of the hardest transitions for them is going to the real world and being free, it was something that I wanted to talk about because of my experience with it and  to have fun” She tells us how the web has kept her ahead of the curve her entire career by explaining to us that this is because their is so much you can do with content on it. Cho also attributes some of her relevancy and success to her life long obsession to comedy. She speaks about her new improv show by telling us it is about her mother and her being perceived as a mother, being a woman now in her 40’s. Cho also tells us something all comedians should do is go see other comics live. For more Margaret Cho catch on Chelsea Latley October 10th, Cho also will be on Arsenio Hall’s show in October, who she credits with being instrumental in her early career.

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