Margot DeFrance, Healthcare Corporate Development Consultant, on women's education in Afghanistan

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Margot DeFrance has over 20 years of experience in the financial services and healthcare industries. She is a healthcare corporate development consultant. She shares her views on education and Film Annex’s initiatives in support of women’s education. She has a high regard for Film Annex’s initiatives to further women’s education in Afghanistan. She feels that it is a crucial step in bringing women to the forefront and also in enabling them to contribute towards the economic progress of Afghanistan. For women to go out and work, it is first essential to have them educated. Education is empowerment and liberation.

Education also imparts knowledge that allows one to have access to information and in turn take informed decisions. That enables communication. Besides, Film Annex’s initiative of building internet classrooms is really laudable because internet connectivity opens out a whole new world of opportunities. One can directly interact with the outside world and have access to resources online. Sharing of thoughts and ideas, pictures, and posts can be undertaken that allows a free exchange. Films are also a great medium for communication because one can see people and situations in a certain context. Film Annex encourages free flow of information. It is a great platform for budding filmmakers and documentary makers to showcase their talent as well as their perspective.

Overall, Film Annex’s initiatives on the ground in Afghanistan are genuine efforts to try and promote economic progress via the route of education for women. Women were forced to be out of the mainstream since the wars and Taliban rule and are slowly finding their feet back. These steps are of great help to them.

Do watch the complete video above for the entire interview.

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