Marine Luke Sanford - Veteran entrepreneurship and chocolate

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Marine Luke Sanford, the gentle giant.
My first encounter with Marine Luke Sanford was on a series of videos shot inside an armored vehicle in Afghanistan while he was imitating a BBC reporter. He is quite a character, always carries a smile and has good words.

His vision of Afghanistan is what i hope would be the vision of most people in and outside the country. He described Afghan people as hard workers in need of technology.
He also pointed out that the youth is the pinnacle of development and access to education is key to their cultural change.

From a business prospective he inspired me on the fact that Afghan kids, our best allies there and future backbone of the country, love chocolate to a point of obsession. Marine Luke Sanford pointed out the amazing potential of Chocolate distribution in Afghanistan and how he is the person to talk to to make this happen.

Got Chocolate? Luke Sanford got the market for you!
Hear his advises on Luke Sanford personal WebTV.

Also follow the other Marines interviews on the (G.I.V.E.) network.

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