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Marketing isn't a new science in our world . it has been used for alot of years but as a science it's considered new . the defination of Marketing is that it's the process of communication by which marketing employee seeks the relation with costumers that helps him let them know about a certain product or service the organization he works for offer. There are many differences between Marketing and selling products. *Marketers have the ability to be creative in thier job sales managers do not have the same ability. *Marketing and sales both aims increasing revenue but it's different. *Marketing determine future needs and has a strategy in place to meet those needs for the long term relationship instead sales makes customer demand match the products thecompany currently offers. *Marketing is a wider concept in management than sales that includes (sales researches) to improve the organization's knowledge about costumer needs. *Sales is looking for increasing revenues in a short time depending on new offers. *Marketing works on improving steps that let the organization the best in the field but sales work on implementing thos steps and make it effective.

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