Mashable Sends Out Charlie Brown Christmas Flash Mob

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In celebrating the holiday spirit a group of awesome people got together in the streets of New York and recreated one of the best things ever - the dance scene from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown." Watch the video here.


Turns out it was the folks over at Mashable who we have to thank for recreating this famous scene (thanks guys!) As many have pointed out already it's very refreshing to see this happen without some corporate juggernaut backing it for viral promotion. I don't think anybody on the planet doesn't know who Snoopy and the gang are so this was just for the merriment of us online folk and people on the street.

Great moves everyone. Hopefully they lead by example and we can get some other great holiday content on the web really soon! Considering Charlie Brown has always been a personal favorite of mine I have to confess I'm kind of jealous I wasn't there, but at least I can watch the video over and over again.

The Snoopy really nailed it.

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