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Massoud Azizi Afghan AthleteAs we come closer to the start of the 2012 Olympic Games, all countries are preparing their best athletes to strive for glory and victory, if not winning gold medals, then to reach their highest potential.  Afghanistan is no different, among their athletes preparing for competition,  is sprinter Massoud Azizi. Azizi has been a member of the Afghan Olympic team for since before the Beijing Olympics.  He competed in there and although he didn't win anything he was honored in Afghanistan for how he participated.  "I feel happy to take part.(In the Olympics)." Azizi stated.  "I will do my best to raise the Afghan flag on the world stage."  This is important to Afghanistan, a country that has been torn by war for many years. The methods of training have developed a lot over the course of the career of Massoud Azizi.  They used to train on cement and his times were not real good.  Through investment by the people in their athletes the people have found more effective training methods.  Now they have synthetic surfaces to run on as well as computerized timing devices that allow the Afghan Olympians to be better prepared for competition. Safety has also improved, for many years athletes in Afghanistan.  In the past they were never sure that they would be safe as they competed.  They had to worry about violence and suicide bombers.  Now the security is much stricter and they can focus on the competition and not being injured at an event. You have to give Mussoud Azizi a lot of credit for all that he has accomplished.   I will be following his progress as he competes against Ussain Bolt in the London Olympics.         Afghan sprinter Massoud Azizi prepares for the London Olympic Games. He will be doing his best to win glory for the people of Afghanistan. 

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