Math Teachers

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Hey There Pumpkin Blaster,

Lets take a moment to talk about my math teacher...So a back story is required, Okay so my math teacher is new this year (she came from some correctional facility in the next town over) I have her class right before lunch so you know everyone's already tried from the 3 periods ahead of her so we are all waiting to refuel at lunch. so naturally no one pays attention in her class. But thats not my problem with her though.

My problem with her is that every night she thinks its going to help us learn the material better by assigning homework every single night its crazy. So me being the ADD consumed monster that i am, i didnt do the homework for the first 4 weeks of school my grades plummeted. until i got back on adderall so that problem was fixed but then a new one arose...... SHE BARELY TEACHES HER CLASS... she has students walk up to the board do the problem and sit down. Then she will ask if we all understood that several people raised there hands to ask questions but she then turns around and ignores them so they put there hands down.

Then comes the test. A good amount of us bomb it because she didnt answer theyre question. Then she says "you should be asking questions if you dont understand. and ugh this teacher just really bugs me.

Anonymously Dominick