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As I said I will write a blog on mathematics so here it is, the reason I thought of it is because I'm just studying Advance mathematical techniques for an exam next month and because I love mathematics a lot. Mathematics has always been good to me so I have always felt affection for it. 

Mathematics is the language of science, but unlike any language it creates science too, many scientific theories are born out of mathematical equations. Like mostly you get an idea a hypothesis and then prove it by deriving an equation and experimentally but sometimes you make a mistake or unintentionally/intentionally find an equation which is interpreted to become a scientific hypothesis. Thus mathematics is not only the language but the soul of science. Nothing can ever be done without mathematics, even in your everyday life you can't do anything without mathematics. You need mathematics to maintain you personal accounts, your expanses, your time, even here you need it to manage your buzzes and correspond it to the buzzes and rewards you get. Mathematics is everywhere and is developing itself  in every moment that passes,

Mathematics is not only learned to understand science but also to shape your mind, with mathematics you see things from different perspectives, you understand that there is not only one way to reach an answer but multiple ways and each way can be linked to another or sometimes be entirely opposite but still yield the same answer. For example 1+3=4, 2+2=4,3+1=4 4+0=4, 5-1=4, likewise there can be infinite such equations each of them yielding the same answer 4. 

It also teaches us how to break down problems into smaller units how to tackle issues. Example 3415 x 240 seems very difficult to solve but we can break into simpler set of equations and then make it much easier 

((3000 x 2)x10x12)+(400x2x10x12)+(15x2x12x10)+((5x2x10x12) all of these still yield the same answer but are very easy to solve. You can almost solve these without calculator now. That's how it teaches us that if we have  a problem in life which seems very difficult to tackle then we should just break it down into chunks of simpler problems and then solve each of them seperately so as to solve the whole problem with ease.

I can literally go on and on on the subject but well I guess I should get back to studying because this is not going to help me with my exam. I'm currently covering the chapter improper integrals so if anyone needs help can ask me.

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