MATLAB GURU FETEX 2014 (Q.1 with Solution Codes)

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Write a MATLAB code that generates an m-by-n matrix M, buildup of alternating ones and zeros like in a checkerboard. Your code may go as :

  •  First take order of Matrix M from user input.

  • Take a character from user input.

  • If entered character is 'r' then M (1, 1) should be 1, else if it is 'l' then M (1, 1) should be 0.

  • And final matrix M should have alternating ones and zeros of order given by user.

(HINT: No two adjacent elements in a row or in a column are same!)

Example for Testing You code:

Input and output should look like this. 



First Way To solve this Question:

Second Way To solve this Question:

Third Way To solve this Question:

 Authored by : Shahid Ali Murtza

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