Matt Damon Gus Van Sant - Central and South Asian Wisdom and Afghanistan's Proverbs

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Today, I was flipping the pages of The New York Times Magazine and saw this about Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant Talk:


Right on the spot, my brain told me: “How boring to listen to them talk.” What can be an alternative to communicate ideas and make them interactive? Can social and digital media create this organically?

I am happy to think this is what we achieved with our most recent video New Herat – Afghan Proverbs:


The Afghan proverbs were introduced to me by my friend Ossai who sent me a link to the reviews of Edward Zellem's book Zarbul Masalha. From there, I contacted Mr. Zellem. In the last month, we exchanged ideas and put in action some serious collaborations to bring his message beyond the limits of his book and beyond the eyes of Afghan and American people, make it a global message, and include it in the Examer Educational Software, the Wisdom Curriculum.

Three factors contribute to the process:


Video Digital Content,

Written Digital Content,

and a strong social media interaction with thousands of students in Afghanistan and millions of viewers all over the world.

After this is set up, we can expand the concept to the proverbs of every other country and grow the Wisdom Curriculum by exchanging data and information on “wisdom” between different cultures and languages. Imagine the power of wisdom of Central and South Asian cultures, languages and thousands of years of history, at times unheard by western people. It is a lot to learn and a lot to hear.

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