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Replace of information with one an additional is called communication. There has been considerable expansion in field of communication in new times. The world has twist into a global village. Everyone wants to be aware of what is happening around him in the world. Fast and consistent means of communication have developed over the years. Some of them are as follows:-

POST OFFICE. Post office is the oldest and enormous spread network of communication. Post offices transaction in transfer of letters, parcels, and money. It is, anyway, the slowest form of communication. Transfer of parcels as well as money is feasible only through post office.

NEWSPAPERS. The first Newspaper was published in 1605. Newspaper is communication in the shape of wording. Only printed information is transferable through newspaper. It is very useful means of transferring huge information.

FAX. Fax is an electronic way of transferring information. We transfer information through fax machines. A fax machine sends and receives documents in an electronic shape and then prints them. This is done along telephone wires. In this form of communication, handwritten or typed text can be transferred to another fax machine. The received at once receives an accurate copy of the data.

TELEPHONES. Telephone is the most lengthily used form oral communication. Two persons can talk one another through telephones. They easy to use at homes or offices.

MOBILE PHONES. A mobile phone is also another type of vocal communicator like a telephone. The mobile, unlike telephone, is small, lightweight, and moveable. It is wireless. Short text messages can also be sent from one mobile to other ones. It works only in areas in the range of mobile tower.

SATELLITE PHONE. Satellite phone is also a oral communicator like a telephone and a mobile. It works through satellites. It is wireless and has wider collection. Many people work in far off places, for example, explorers, oil rig workers, and those in the outskirts of a city. This kind of communication device is significant for them.

THE TELEVISION. Television, like the Radio, is also a one-way communicator, unlike the radio, the picture of the person communicating can also be seen on the television screen. Television is a source of both information and enjoyment. A television tower sends television signals which are received by your television. Except towers, satellites are also being used to transfer telephone signals.

THE INTERNET. The Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks. Users at any computer can get information from any other computer of this network. You can also send and get messages on the internet. These messages may be vocal, textual, or a combination of both. Data can be sent and received in blinking of an eye. You can also converse with people face to face. Information on internet is in the shape of websites. These websites have a thorough web address. You can access a website through this address. You can also create your own website, and make accessible information to others.

The internet provides all types of information. Therefore, it is extensively used in investigate. Students can search for books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. they can even get degrees online. Some people also use it for amusement. Many companies have their possess websites. You can find details about their products on the internet. So do Organizations and offices. Short, the internet informs you about all in the world.








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