Medical Marijuana Up in Smoke, by Ambassador mo

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The US Federal Government has decided to raid and shut down medical marijuana distributors starting with those in California. The Obama Justice Department claims that Federal anti-drug laws have supremacy over state laws that allow for marijuana use and/or sale on basis of medical necessity. Another let down for libertarians and left from Obama’s Administration. This one is especially strange as there really has not been much popular dissatisfaction with “medical marijuana, but to the contrary. It is supported throughout the political rainbow from George Soros to Ron Paul, on constitutional and functional grounds (anti-drug laws may be counterproductive in accomplishing goals of reducing – from crime to abusive use). Republican Governor Chris Christie has considered signing such a law for New Jersey. It appears that those most objecting to medical marijuana are religious social conservatives and law and order types, now staunchly committed to the Republican agenda and candidates. As Republican and Democratic libertarians would tell though, federal authority on drug enforcement is very thin. Actually US Federal marijuana laws were not founded upon prohibition but rather the requirement to obtain a Federal license to dispense, which then was never granted. Is this another example of a Democrat usurping states power? Ironically but perhaps predictably most Republican state rights activists have been silent on Obama’s Justice Department “usurptive” logic and action. A fair amount of double standards and selective application of 12th Amendment on both sides of the two party divide. Consistent legal, Constitutional analysis again goes up in smoke. Double talk entertaining at least. “Cheech and Chong” or “Abbot and Costello” would be dealing out lines with this one, that is literally speaking – and George Carlin would be rolling over in his grave – or maybe he’s just rolling figuratively! By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey Facebook – Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow us at DiplomaticallyX FILM REPORT - “Gaddafi Low Rider” – (Cheech & Chong Inspired) - FILM REPORT – “Blowing of Narcotics Treaty” - More Undiplomatic Stuff Channel! -

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