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It has been 3 weeks since Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno an admin of the bitLanders team posted about “bitLanders Content Review: Blog for Querlo and Earn higher rewards” so this basically is a nice opportunity to grab since it gives additional buzz bonus to the corresponding content review score you’ll get upon submitting a blog for anything related to Querlo. At first I was really hesitant to write about this topic because I’m not really familiar with it since it’s my first time to hear about Querlo but then, I’ve been seeing amazing Querlo-related submission on my dashboard with 5 out of 5 stars rating (which basically means higher buzz, higher earnings) which awakened the inner blogger in me. So after reading posts about Querlo including bitLanders member’s submission, I came to the point of starting this blog and to start off here is a brief introduction about what really is Querlo.


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Introduction to Querlo

Querlo">">Querlo is a recently launched platform owned by MTI USA Incorporation. Members of the bitLanders Community actually knows about MTI USA Inc. since it is also the company who is operating the site but for those non-members reading now, MTI USA Inc. is a New York based company that has been operating in the technology industry since 1995. It is the company who’s appearing in our payment slip, by the way.


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“Querlo, a chatbot with a human touch” per official website meaning:

Querlo">">Querlo is a patent-pending technology designed to identify, engage, and promote relationships with Brand Ambassadors.

A brand management system that can help manage your global campaigns and customer relationships, Querlo provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Capture proprietary insights into the rational and emotional factors that govern customer decision making how, when, and why they engage and disengage from brands,
  • Establish direct partnerships with early brand adopters and advocates as well as the Brand Ambassadors who can drive the uptake and sustained success of global brands,
  • Overcome the challenges of ad-blocker technologies,
  • Recognize and reward customers who define and promote the unique value of a brand,
  • Educate customers on the brand's products and services.

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With Querlo">">Querlo, it helps you to meet your costumers in an easiest and more effective way compared to the traditional way of reaching out to customers. Querlo listens, communicates and understands like a real human being, digitally.

To know more about Querlo here are some useful links and video clips:

Querlo, telling you more about what he doesClick here


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Another Querlo introducing itself with an option of interacting in a different language, Arabic: Cick here


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A question and answer type video clip discussing all about Querlo:

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And might explore as well their official Querlo website:


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So from the above statements and video presentation, Querlo basically is an innovative chat box which interacts with respondents (which can be your customers or research respondents) while gathering data about a specific topic. It is a real time conversation in an interactive way, online. This surely benefits and has a lot advantages to businesses and other organizations around the globe. And here are some of the key points about Querlo with further explanations I would like to impose. (I identified it with the corresponding initials of the word Querlo)


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Qualitative database and research - in Real Time

Using a survey software like Querlo">">Querlo to administer real time research is an efficient and powerful tool wherein market researchers as well as business analyst and other organization members can use it to be able to collect or gather data in a timely manner, interpret and analyze, and use it to formulate different strategies for their business or organization.  It can be a tool for improvement or innovation in order to achieve every business’ goal.

Unlimited collection of data from various sectors

So Querlo">">Querlo aids market researchers in a way that they’ll be provided with useable and reliable data (granting the survey is being carried upon religiously). This online survey method provides a broad capability in means of targeting a huge respondents and potentially can gather a lot of data from various sectors.  By using">"> Querlo technology, a huge number of data can be acquired in a very short time.

Educates respondents about the brand's or organization initiatives

Querlo">">Querlo is not only there to ask question or collects data from the answers of respondents , users or customers, but rather it also function to spread information which is relevant and beneficial for everyone.  The mode of communication is very efficient as it could reach a large number of people in just a very short time.  Giving reliable information and facts as well as providing directions, like trustworthy links or websites is of big help to respondents where they can use it both in their business ventures and in their personal life.

Reaching out to your respondents

For Businesses, having Querlo">">Querlo is an advantage to them since it interacts with its customers and can enhance their customer service by reaching out to them promptly. And not just with the customers, Querlo can also be used as a survey format for the workplace, in a way that it greatly enhance the company’s relationship to its employees by getting to know them more and being open to their thoughts and opinions regarding the management. Leading it to a more cooperative community to efficiently produce better work outcomes.  Actually as I see it Querlo could serve every organization in any way possible.  It creates a link or connection between Business owners and their customers, bloggers and their readers, Office Management with the rank and file employees, Government officials with their constituents and many more.

Learning more about respondent’s passion and interests

In using Querlo">">Querlo, this allows you to get to know more about your respondent’s passion and interests in a way that it helps you create questions regarding various to specific topics including demographics-related questions.  Knowing your respondents, readers or customers more intimately will surely give you the rare opportunity to improve and develop your structure or system, tailored to their needs and wants.

Online interactive tool

So this is an online interactive tool which is a new, convenient, and relatively inexpensive way of gathering data. New, in a way that it is uniquely created to your means, you can design or edit your own kind of Querlo">">Querlo chat box if you want to, create your own flowchart of questions and discussions which makes it more appealing and interactive in comparison to standard survey sheets online.  In other words anyone can modify the survey in a way it is applicable and helpful to his or her organization regardless of what kind of organization you have.


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So here are the things Iearned from reading articles and previous querlo related blog posts, exploring through their website and watching video clips about this topic. And before we end this blog, here is a Querlo">">Querlo survey chat sample you can try:

And a step by step process of "How To Create and Customize a Survey Chat on bitMiles"

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I hope by reading this, you recognized how amazing querlo works and how it is beneficial to people who would like to use it either in their business or for resarch purposes as well as with other organizations. I hope you find this blog of mine helpful!


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Thanks for reading and God bless!





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