Meet the K-Pop Oddballs, Pungdeng-E!

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I recently found out about a unique Korean music girl group, and I fell in love almost instantly. ^^

Their songs are a mix of aegyo and hiphop, and they sing their songs in their own dialect which is what makes them stand out from other Korean idol groups.

Pungdeng-E is a three-member girl group formed in 2013 under DOMA Entertainment. Their stage names are colors Red, Yellow, and Blue, each reflects the personalities of each member. Group leader is, surprisingly, the maknae Blue (Jung Ga-hee). She is also the lead rapper of the group. The other two members are Yellow (Kim Eun-bi) the main vocalist, and Red (Lee Hee-jin) the lead rapper. 

They're one of a small number of Korean groups that I found actually enjoy and love what they're doing. They're genuine, energetic and funny. And they manage to pull weird faces and awkward poses while still look natural.

I especially love their hiphop music xD

풍뎅이[Pungdeng-E] "배추보쌈[Baechu Bossam]"

Pungdeng-E (풍뎅이) - 알탕 (Al-Tang)


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