Mehfil in EidGah shrif

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Shayukhs of Sufi Shrine Eidgah Sharif Sayidi Peer Muhammad Naqeeb Ur Rehman & Sayidi Peer Muhammad Hassaan Haseeb Ur Rehmanpresided Mawlid Gathering on the land of Mirpur , Azad Kashmir Pakistan Today ..Sayidi Muhammad Hassaan Haseeb ur Rehman derailed lecture on the limitless qualities of the Beloved Messenger salalAllahu allayhi wasallam.
The grand accumulation of crowd depicts their love with their Master (Sal'Allah'O'Alyehi'Wasallam)..
Shaykh-e-Tariqah Peer Muhammad Naqeeb Ur Rehman enclosed the gathering with closing words, dhikr, salutations and supplications..
May Allah Kareem preserve both the Shayukhs..

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