Melon, cure for deadly diseases

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Summer Melon delicious and refreshing fruit not only essential for human development, but also a strong shield to protect it from various diseases has been.

This fruit is a collection of 95 different vitamins and minerals.Melon natural vitamin A, B, C are also included proteins such as phosphorus and calcium. Kylysym a Melon 15 mg, 25 mg phosphorus, 0.5 mg iron, 34 mg vitamin C, 640 mg and 0.03 mg of vitamin A, vitamin B is one. Here we have 6 major benefits that you are aware of.

Eliminate stomach acid: water melon is very large, which is very useful for the digestive system. Minerals include the elimination of stomach acid can help.

Cancer treatment: a protein called carotenoid in melon natural medicine to fight cancer and lung cancer significantly reduces the risks. Melon seeds destroys the cancer, which then can attack the human body tightly.

Heart attack prevention: a special ingredient in melon (adynusayn) does not clot blood cells and if it is not, then it increases the chances of heart attack. Melon is normal blood circulation in the body, the chances of diseases like heart attack or stroke are very low.

Quickly health maintenance and improvement of health for early melon is excellent food. Add melon skin proteins are not only beautiful and adaptable, but also protect skin diseases.

Useful in diseases of the kidney: melon is used to clean the kidneys and kidney frozen densities also turns off. And the lemon melon when it is used together with rest pain causes such as uric acid.

Heartburn: This fruit contains 90 percent water, the elixir is like heartburn.

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